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On Tuesday 1 June 2021, we started a series of tweets to showcase work undertaken by colleagues and students in Leeds School of Social Science which exemplified how social science teaching, research and enterprise contributes to our community. We believe that improving our understanding of how individuals and communities behave is an important part of tackling key social challenges and achieving goals such as greater sustainability, inclusive growth and a fairer society. 

Our framework for this was Audrey Osler’s 10 reasons why you need social science publication as part of the Campaign for Social Science. Each week we took a different theme, such as how social scientists can help us imagine the future, contribute to our health and wellbeing, and make our neighbourhoods safer, tweeting an example of our work each day.

We shared new content published on our blog pages, including Dr Bridgette Rickett on the Psychology of Social Class, Dr Jolanta Shields on Why Social Sciences are Vital to the Health Economy, Dr Or Raviv on the State of State Finances, and Dr Paula Singleton on the work of the Stigmatised Sexualities and Sexual Harm research group. We also shared work that colleagues in the school had published elsewhere, such as Dr Olayinka Ajala’s article on Niger’s Democratic Transition from the UK Conversation website, Dr Chris Till’s reflections on Living Under the Medical Gaze in a Time of Pandemics from the British Sociological Association’s Cost of Living blog, and Dr Lisa Long on post Decolonizing Criminology from the British Societies of Criminology’s Policing Network blog. You can find all the stories we shared on our Twitter account @BeckettSocSci or by searching our #TenReasons hashtag.

As Dean of the School, I am proud of our work and the colleagues and students who produce it. However, we know that the more we work with others who share our vision, the more we can achieve together. So, I invite you, whether you are looking to study a course at university, a research user or potential research collaborator, an employer, business, public or third sector organisation, to get in touch with us and let’s see what more we achieve can together.

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Professor John Craig

Dean of School / Leeds School Of Social Sciences

Professor John Craig joined Leeds Beckett University as Head of School of Social, Psychological and Communication Sciences in August 2015. He is a political scientist, with a strong research and applied interest in teaching and learning.

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