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As the refurbishment of the Sheila Silver Library (City) continues apace, the first floor is currently closed. Why are you telling me this I hear you cry – Offsite by name Offsite by nature?!

Well of course Offsite students are always more than welcome to visit our wonderful libraries – but on Monday 18th July the following books based at City will be innacessible to you for approximately four weeks:

Book stock 659.2 – 799 & Book stock 600 – 659.2.

So if you are planning a trip to the Sheila Silver Library, please be aware that these books will not be instantly available, perhaps let us know in advance of your visit? Library staff can access these resources on your behalf, but due to this, please be aware that it may take us a day or so longer to post such books to you.

If you would like any advice with this, please contact the Offsite team we have more details about the refurbishment on our Library website.

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