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Heard about Skills for Learning?

Have you heard about Skills for Learning?

It might be that your course just started this January? Or maybe you’re starting to work on your dissertation?

The academic work you need to do at university can sometimes seem a bit daunting. It might be a while since you’ve done any studying and you might feel the need to brush up on your study skills. Or it might be that thinking about your dissertation sends you into a panic. There’s no need to worry – there is plenty of help and support with study skills available from Skills for Learning to get you started.

Skills for learning

Skills for Learning have a fantastic range of resources to help with your studying. Whether you need to brush up on your maths, are struggling with IT skills, or don't know where to start with reflective writing, the Skills for Learning pages can help.

They have printable guides on many topics, or you might find just the help you need via their A to Z index, including loads of help with dissertations too! And if you want to check your referencing, you can access the popular 'Quote Unquote' publication online.

You can also contact the Skills for Learning team if you have any other questions about study skills.

If you have any queries, please do contact Offsite or the Library for additional support 24/7.

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