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Most students use the reading list system - in fact there were hundred and thirty thousand views of reading lists in the last semester alone! If you're not so familiar with using your reading lists, here are a few tips to help you to get the most out of yours.

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Where can I find my reading lists?

Your reading lists let you see which reading is essential for your various modules. They are easy to access via MyBeckett and you will then be able to:

  • View live availability of print and AV titles in our Library Catalogue to check if you can borrow something
  • Check if other formats or editions are available to borrow if a title is unavailable
  • Access eBooks, articles, AV resources, journals and digitised readings directly from your reading list

Can I personalise my reading lists?

Yes once you've created a profile you can then:

  • Add personal notes or reading intentions
  • Search the reading list for a specific title
  • Filter the list by online/print titles, Essential/Recommended readings, personal notes and reading intentions
  • Filter by week, tutorial or theme, depending on how your lecturer has organised the reading list
  • Export the list to print
  • Display the list in your preferred referencing style, i.e. Leeds Beckett Harvard, APA or OSCOLA

Can I access my online reading using a mobile device?

Unfortunately, there are some issues with accessing online reading lists via MyBeckett using a mobile device, but here is an FAQ page to help you.

Do I need to read everything on my reading list?

Many resources on your reading list are to help you begin your own research journey and you are encouraged to read more widely around your subject.

What if I need help accessing my reading list?

Staff in the Libraryonline guides created by your Academic Librarian.

If you have any queries, please contact Offsite or the Library for additional support 24/7.

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