1. You should return all your books and other resources and pay any outstanding fines or charges by 30 June.
  2. MyBeckett, your student email account, P:drive (webfiles), university associated Google accounts and remote access to specialist software will remain active until 29 September 2021. Back up any files you need and transfer emails and contacts to an alternative account before then.
  3. Your Microsoft Office 365 account will remain active until 29 September, after that access to the full version will end and any installed software will become read-only. Transfer any content you're likely to need in the future.
  4. You'll also lose access to your OneDrive on 29 September, so move any saved work to a different storage location before then. This Microsoft guide can show you how to take your files with you when you graduate.
  5. Creating a free PebblePad Alumni Account will enable you to keep all of your PebblePad work and store it in a new personal account. Our step-by-step guide shows you how to convert your account. If you want an alumni account, please create it before 29 September.
  6. Make sure your personal data is up-to-date.

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