Save IT!

Every year we get lots of students coming to the Library Help and Information Points and the Students’ Union Advice Service because they’ve lost their work. Don’t let it happen to you!

Even if the PC or laptop you are working on has autosave set up it’s good practice to save your work yourself at least every 10 minutes. Get into the habit of saving a document as soon as you open a new one up to start working on it.

You should also back up regularly using different methods (eg to the network (your P:drive); to the cloud (eg Google Drive) and to a USB)).

A number of Library Shorts on how to save your work are also available on the Library YouTube account.

Our Library website has lots more information this plus hints and tips and of course staff are always happy to help, just Contact Us.

And don’t be really good about saving your work only to leave your USB behind in a PC – we get hundreds handed in each year!

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