• Your MyBeckett, student email account and associated apps and P:drive (webfiles) will remain active until 30 September 2017. Back up any files you'll need and transfer all emails and contacts to an alternative account before then.
  • You can use Google Takeout to transfer docs, calendars and YouTube videos. See the Alumni tab in MyBeckett for more information.
  • Your i-Print account will be cleared when you graduate so only top up with small amounts during your last few weeks around campus.
  • Creating a free Pebblepad Alumni Account will enable you to keep all of your work when you leave and store it in a new personal account. Our step-by-step guide shows you how to convert your account. If you want a PebblePad alumni account, please create it after you’ve handed in all of your work and before 30 September 2017.
  • You need to return all your books and pay any outstanding charges by 30th June. If you think you have lost your books please Contact Us as soon as possible.
  • As a Leeds Beckett alumnus you can apply for Guest User Library membership at a reduced rate.
  • Make sure your personal data is up-to-date so you receive any final communications from us and your certificate if you can't attend your graduation ceremony.

There's lots of information on the University website about your ceremony and becoming an alumni but get in touch with the Library or Graduation Team if you have any questions about finishing your studies with us.

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