Saving Your Work with OneDrive

Where are you saving your work? Make it OneDrive!

Discover 6 reasons why OneDrive is where you should be saving all your coursework and assignments.

Published on 14 Nov 2018

Because it’s all too important to lose

OneDrive saves your work automatically to the cloud whenever changes are made, keeping it safe and secure. However, we still recommend that you back up important files every 10 minutes or so to another storage devices such as a USB, your university P drive or other cloud storage.

Because you work on different devices and on the go

You're on your way home and you have a flash of inspiration, the perfect sentence to finish off that complicated section of your assignment! OneDrive is available as an app for Apple and Android devices. It allows you to open any file, especially useful when you have the other Office apps installed, to update a piece of work on the go.

Because working with your group is easier

Once you have saved a file onto OneDrive you can share it with anyone you like and you can then work collaboratively with them on the document. As long as everyone using the file has the latest version of the software installed you can all work on the same document at the same time and see what everyone is typing. So that means you can complete group assignments anytime, anywhere, without waiting until everyone is free to meet up and work on it in a specific place.

Because you're in the cloud so you won't run out of storage

Your Leeds Beckett OneDrive account comes with 1TB (Terabyte) of digital storage space. To try to give you an idea about how much storage that actually is you could store 2 million photos, 250 movies, 200,000 songs, 85,899,345 pages or 42,949,672,500 words!

Because you can turn back the clock with version control

All files saved in OneDrive are backed-up automatically through version control. Every time you save a file to OneDrive you are saving a brand new version of your file. You can have up to 500 versions of the same file saved as back-ups that you can go back to at any point. However, you will only ever see your most recent version on your OneDrive account, the others are all saved as versions underneath the latest version. See this FAQ from the Library's help page for details about how to access a different version of your file.

Because it will enhance your employability skills

Thousands of employers across different sectors use OneDrive and the Office 365 apps to enhance productivity and collaboration so using these whilst you study will help you develop and evidence the skills you need to apply for jobs.

If you have any queries about using OneDrive Library staff can help. Just contact us or see our dedicated web page and FAQs for more information.

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