Develop your academic skills with Skills for Learning

The semester two Skills for Learning workshop programme is now available to book but if you can't get to a session we've identified 6 highlights from the website that can help you develop your academic skills.
Published on 15 Jan 2019

1. Develop your reading and note-making skills with a short video.

2. And then take a look at this video on essay writing.

3. If you need to develop your academic writing further check out this section on building an argument in your writing.

4. Or this example of critical writing in a literature review.

5. There is a whole section of the website dedicated to helping you with your dissertation.

6. And don't miss the online version of Quote Unquote which explains how to cite sources and reference correctly, and includes an A-Z of reference examples.

Alternatively why not join a webinar (an online workshop) ) to learn more about a topic in the comfort of your own home. We have webinars on critical thinking, referencing and essay planning. Check out our full timetable of workshops and webinar.

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