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  • we’re open 24/7 so you can revise whenever suits you best. Remember you need your Campus Card 24/7 at Sheila Silver Library and from 19:00-08:30 at Headingley.
  • don’t forget to take your Card with you (plus your valuables) if you leave the Library for a break so that you can get back in! And please don’t disappear for ages, reserving your space with your stuff
  • we have silent study areas to help you concentrate – If your studies are being disrupted please let us know: Text 0113 320 7594.
  • if the Libraries are busy and you can use the IT Labs if there isn’t a class on.
  • we’ve lots of books on exam techniques or you can have a look and there are also resources on exam preparation and revision and time management on the Skills for Learning website
  • Skills for Learning are offering the following Shut Up and Revise sessions:
    • Tues 30 April 10:00-13:00 LS104
    • Thurs 9 May 13:00 – 16:00. JG123

    Each session will begin with a 20 minute presentation on revision techniques and exam skills. You will then have the option of staying to ‘shut up and revise’ for two hours, in a quiet and supportive environment for you to focus on your own work. There will be time for the tutor to answer individual questions at the end of each session.

    You should have a topic or area in mind to revise during the session. For this, you need to bring either a laptop or a pen and paper and notes from previous lectures or research.

  • find out where your exam is (and at what time!) before the day so that you know where you’re going – timetables are on the Student Hub pages plus advice on what to do if you are ill and what you need with you for the exam
  • make sure you take regular breaks and don't forget we have water coolers in each Library can help you keep hydrated
  • look after your wellbeing –listen to our relaxing music playlist. There’s also a motivational list for you to listen to, depending on your mood!

Good luck! And remember to Contact Us if you need any help.

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