Exam Top Tips from our Student Library Assistants

To give you the student perspective we asked two of our Student Library Assistants for their tips for exam success!

Haikah and Abigail tell you what works for them

Find the revision method that that works best for you

Having a study group is a procrastination solution because study groups meet at a set time and everyone has a goal to accomplish. Students in the group could help each other avoid distraction and stay focused. If you are studying alone, there will be tendency for you to postpone revising for an exam. (Abigail)

Study alone – say no to friends if studying in group distracts you. (Use library space, such as silent study) or if group study is the best method for you then try explaining what you study to your friends and course mates as this helps you understand it better and therefore remember it. (Use meeting rooms or the learning spaces for group discussions). (Haikah)

Choose the right environment

The environment can make a lot of difference, even when studying alone, it helps when you see other students studying too – as they say motivation is contagious, studying in the library with other students helps a lot. (Haikah)

Sleep and Hydration

Try to have a good sleep pattern as it enhances your revision; by spreading out your study sessions and ensuring that you sleep in between, your brain will be able to take in more information and consolidate what you have already revised. (Abigail)

Keep hydrated, sleep well. This will ensure that your mind and body are energised to take in information when revising. (Haikah)

Reward yourself and take breaks

Set a goal to finish 2-3 chapters and reward yourself: watch an episode of a tv series, play a game or take a bath. This way you would feel more motivated to complete a task and you will be prepared for the exam in no time. (Abigail)

Include breaks in your study schedule and not the other way around. (Haikah)

Get organised

Sort out your notes and practice past question papers. (Haikah)

Refrain from social media

If you are constantly tempted to scroll through Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc and know you are unable to completely stop, then try to give yourself a time limit to use an app or better yet finish a chapter then reward yourself with 5 minutes social media time. (Abigail)

Don't over-stress yourself

Once you have finished your exam, forget about it. Try not to spend too much time thinking about the answers you have put down, looking into your revision papers to see if you had written the right one, or even comparing your answers with your friends. Try to focus on the next exam or and do not overthink too much about it. (Abigail)

Try not to overthink too much. Being calm and collected will allow you to think in a clearer manner. (Haikah)

Ask for help

If your ever feel stress or overwhelmed, it would be helpful to talk to someone you are close to such as friends, classmates, teacher or family member. Many students find examinations very difficult to deal with, so do not be afraid to ask for support. (Abigail)

These tips have worked for Abigail and Haikah you might find they work for you!

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