Dyslexia Awareness Week 2019

This week is Dyslexia Awareness Week which runs from 7 to 13 October. The theme this year is empowering people with dyslexia. The Library has lots of resources and support available which aim to empower students with dyslexia to become independent learners and to succeed at University.

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Published on 01 Oct 2019

I think I have dyslexia, what can I do?

If you think you might have dyslexia but have not yet been diagnosed, you can complete QuickScan – an online questionnaire which identifies whether you have any indicators of dyslexia and provides advice on the next steps to take. To access QuickScan go to the Support tab in MyBeckett, click on Disability Support and then Quickscan.

I have dyslexia, who can help me?

Students who have dyslexia can register with our University’s Disability Advice service who arrange tailored support on an individual basis.

How does the Library empower students with dyslexia?

When you have registered with Disability Advice, you can use the Disability Resource Area in the Library for independent study. Students registered with Disability Advice can borrow books for longer and reserve 10 items at once (instead of the usual 5), so you can use the Reservations system to have books retrieved for you if you have difficulty finding them on the shelves.

The Library has a wide range of books and eBooks to help empower students with dyslexia, including books to help you develop your study skills and positive books about dyslexia. There is also a collection of reference books on these topics in the Disability Resource Area.

We have an ever increasing collection of eBooks, many of which can be customised to make them more accessible. And don't forget that Skills for Learning offer a range of support to help you develop your study skills, including resources and workshops.

We have a variety of assistive software to help you access resources more effectively, most of which is installed on all PCs in the Library. This includes Read & Write, which has tools for reading on-screen text aloud (text-to-speech), advanced spelling and grammar support, and applying a digital coloured overlay to your computer screen. You can access a web-based version of Read & Write for Google Chrome off campus. There is also software for mind mapping to help you organise your ideas visually, and we have Pro-Study software which helps you to collect, categorise and organise research from various different sources. You can also use SensusAccess to convert documents into more accessible formats, including audio, so you can listen to them rather than reading.

Where can I get further support?

Students with disabilities or dyslexia can book a one-to-one appointment with the Library’s Learning Support Officer (Disability and Dyslexia) for help with a wide range of disability related issues in the Library, including using Library resources, assistive software, equipment and more. You can also contact Library staff for advice by phone, email and online chat.

Is there a book that you would like to recommend for your course that we don't currently have in stock in the Library? To do this go to the Library tab in MyBeckett, go to Beckett Books Extra and click on Recommend.

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