Revision, Revision, Revision

If you are revising for an online exam or assessment our Library and Academic Support Team have some top tips:

  • Try to avoid working in spaces that may make you feel sleepy or easily distracted.
  • Use apps (like Cold Turkey) to block distracting websites and social media or get someone else to hide your phone while you study. The Pomodoro technique for time management can help you focus, but allows time for plenty of breaks.
  • Check what revision support is available from your tutors, or maybe organise your own group via MS Teams. Take practice exams if you can.
  • Create a timetable to take control of your workload and set SMART objectives to stay on track.

You can also come along to one of the Skills for Learning Academic Skills drop-ins or Study Cafes with your revision queries (book via MyHub). And one to one appointments are available with the team either online, by email or by phone. Just complete the “Get Help” form

Be Prepared

Make sure you know:

  • The date and time of your exam or timed assessment (add it to your calendar and set a reminder) and double check all the information and instructions you’ve been given before you start. If there is anything you don't understand, ask!
  • What you need in order to complete your assessment. Is it open book? Have you got all the information and resources you need?
  • If you need to prepare any materials or equipment for the exam, for example a microphone and webcam. Your course team will let you know what is required.
  • How to log in to MyBeckett to access relevant files before your assessment starts. Our YouTube video may help. You can also contact the Library 24/7 for a password reset (or set up MFA so you can do this yourself) and student IT Support.
  • How to submit online via Turnitin or Blackboard if you have to submit your completed exam or timed assessment. Our submitting your assignment online blog post can help with this.
  • What format a video presentation needs to be in, and what the process is for submitting your completed video, if this is how you are being assessed. Check the details with your lecturer. Our Digital Learning Team have some useful guides on submitting videos via Blackboard and via YouTube.

Find a good place to sit the exam or assessment, where you can be free from as many distractions as possible (and switch off notifications). Check your device and internet connection. It's also worth checking your housemates or family know you are making a video for your assessment or taking an online exam to avoid any possible unexpected interruptions!

During the assessment or exam

When you are taking an online exam or assessment remember to:

  • Keep track of time, most systems have an on-screen timer.
  • Read each question more than once, make sure you understand what is being asked.
  • Look at the amount of marks there are for each question and answer accordingly. Most online exams or assessments allow you to go back to the question so if you don’t immediately know the answer you can go back to it. The instructions at the start will let you know if you can do this.
  • Keep support contact details to hand so you can get help if you experience any technical issues.
  • Check your answers. Don’t click submit until you are ready, you can’t go back once you have selected submit.

Support and Wellbeing

Taking time out and looking after your wellbeing is more important than ever at the moment so please:

  • Look after your wellbeing. There’s support and help available from Beckett Advice and Kooth Student, a free online counselling and emotional wellbeing support service. The Library is also able to help with any Library and Student IT advice.
  • Make sure you take regular breaks, keep hydrated and eat regularly, and try to get out for exercise if you can.
  • Have a listen to our Spotify playlists. There’s one to relax to and one to motivate you!

And finally, Good Luck!

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