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What makes a strong summary: writing for a general audience on research grant proposals

The summary is one of the most important and sometimes most difficult part of a research grant proposal. Whilst some researchers think that they have done the job well, bids can fail because the summary is not ‘general enough’.

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Leeds Beckett presents internationalisation findings at Reggio Emilia Compete In International Seminar

Dr Brian Jones, senior lecturer at Leeds Beckett Business School was one of the keynote speakers at a recent international seminar in Northern Italy.

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Workplace and University diversity is enriching for all involved

In support of #WorldAutismAwarenessWeek there is no better time to raise awareness of the 3 year IMAGE project, funded through Erasmus+ KA2, and led by Leeds Beckett University, which is being conducted in five European countries: the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Finland, France and Germany.

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Putting our region at the heart of medtech

In this blog post, Cat Colquhoun talks about her new role leading Grow MedTech for Leeds Beckett – a new source of funding and innovation support which is supporting some exciting projects across our university from virtual physiotherapy to an aid to diagnose Alzheimer’s.