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Inequalities in Weight Management Report

Public Health England has published a report into inequalities in weight management with support from researchers from our School.

The objective to the research was to explore the qualitative evidence base that examines the barriers, facilitators and practice implications for the development and delivery of weight management services for families with the highest risk of developing overweight or obesity. As we know that children and young people from certain minority ethnic groups, from low socioeconomic status (SES) families, or with intellectual and/or physical disabilities are at greater risk of developing excess weight. The findings have helped to highlight some areas of emerging good practice and some significant evidence gaps that will help inform future research in this important area.

Read the report here.

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Professor Louisa Ells

Louisa is a registered public health nutritionist with a specialist interest in multi-disciplinary, cross-sector applied obesity research. Her research focuses on obesity related public health, service evaluation, inequalities and e-health, delivered using systematic reviewing, mixed method, coproduction and patient-centred approaches.

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