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Goodbye France, Hello England

Today, for my first article I am going to talk about my first month at Leeds Beckett University, why I came to this university and a bit about my journey to come here.

Lucie with her suitcase

My journey began on my 2nd year of university in France, I applied for an Erasmus+ exchange at my university, we had to do a job interview with the head of English department and we had to pass test about our English. A lot of students applied for this exchange, and many had better grade than me, so I was in a waiting list. Leeds Beckett Univeristy was my 1st choice but because I wasn’t the best student of my Licence, I was told I couldn’t go in the UK. It was hard for me because I am a studious student, I always worked hard but I was still struggling, and some students were better than me. Moreover my teacher told me that I could go in other countries but not in the uk because too many people wanted to go, she asked me if I wanted to go to Poland but because I really wanted to go to the UK, I said I wanted to stay in the waiting list even if it meant not go at all.

Therefore, I did not stop believing in it, I was really disappointed, but it motivated even more for my second semester, I worked even harder, and one day I received an email telling me I had been chosen to go to Leeds Beckett University because my grade had got better and better. I was so happy I couldn’t realise I was going to live one semester in the UK, and that I was going to live in Leeds, my first choice.

I made a lot of research about Leeds Beckett University and it seemed like the best university to go for me. I was right!

I was really anxious to leave my home country and study in another country, but even before my departure, I had already a lot of information about the university, the students, my course and every time I emailed the Study abroad office they would answer my question as quick as possible. Leeds is a student city with a lot of resource for international student. I choose to live in an accommodation of the university, Woodhouse flat which is 10min distance from the city campus, the city centre is really close it’s really handy. The accommodation is really nice, and we can call the reception any time, everyone is really friendly.

I was also really anxious about meeting new people as an Erasmus student, I read a lot of blogs like this one about Erasmus experience, and every Erasmus student were writing about how fast they made friends, I wasn’t sure it was going to be the same for me but the internationals at Leeds Beckett are really friendly, there are a lot of events organised for the internationals to meet people, I made a lot of friends even in the first week!

There was a student induction week with a lot of information about study abroad and also a lot of events with free food to meet new people, for example the Freshers Fair at Headingley Campus where you can meet both internationals and uk freshers. Thus, It’s really easy to socialise at LBU, there are a lot of events even to discover the city or the cities around Leeds and to meet new people. The international ambassadors are also here to help you, they are international student studying at LBU and they work as a part time job to organise events and help student to settle in.

Freshers week guide

The first day, I arrived at Leeds Bradford airport and two international ambassadors were here waiting for me, they helped me with my (many) suitcases. They gave me kits with a lot of information about the university, the city and there was even a SIM card to call our family. They had booked a free taxi to drive me to my accommodation, it was really reassuring not to be on my own.

Leeds Beckett University

The teachers here are also really nice to the internationals, they understand that it can be a bit stressful to study in a foreign country, they are here to help you and you can ask them anything. There are also a lot of resource at the university, the library for example is opened 24/7, the student hub is here to help you and so is the study abroad team. Ones have a lot of information about leaving abroad, modules ect in the LBU website and mybeckett app where you can find your timetable, a map of the university, the email of your teachers, your assessments and many other useful information!

I enjoy every day here and I am so grateful I am leaving this incredible experience, after almost one month spend here, I can say that I definitely don’t regret coming here and I can’t wait to tell you more about my amazing experience here!

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