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Intro to me: Sam Smith

My name's Sam Smith, no not the singer or the Beer, the creative writer extraordinaire! I'm a mature student of 31 and a Mum to three crazy boys. Although I'm probably the most immature student in year two, as I feel I'm allowed to find my youth again everyday at Leeds Beckett.

I came to study at Leeds Beckett through clearing one Friday afternoon, and started the following Monday! I just had these sudden desires to be someone and that someone I am surely becoming. The course content is surprising and contemporary, fun and lively. The creative writing workshops have a buzz and safe atmosphere to express yourself with like-minded people. I've learnt how to structure my mad ideas into actual stories and poetry. I had no idea how to build a character or stanza when I began, and now I have a toolbox to filter my imagination into text. The tutors are professional yet friendly and any problems I've faced along the tricky path of life, I've felt fully supported and understood. Every week I just can't wait to walk through that workshop door and learn some more!

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