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It took me until midway through my second year to learn that by reading my university emails, I could make something of myself and begin a career in the industry I was passionate about.

Your tutors will be fantastic sources of information when it comes to employability outside the course. And by coming to Leeds Beckett you are giving yourself access to a passionate team of tutors who know their field like the back of their hand.

Through a tutor on my English with Creative Writing BA course, I found a writing internship with the Yorkshire Food Guide. This extensive online guide to food and drink in the local region provided me with an opportunity to hone my skills as a writer while giving me real-life work experience. My job is to research and write articles sent to me by my editor, while also seeking out pieces of my own. It’s so flexible as employers in this area really understand the pressures students have, so they take that into account. I enjoy my work with them a great deal – it is a wonderful thing to experience food and vibes from a range of places. It is also a great boost to see your work out there in print with your name stamped on it. It makes all those coffee-fuelled all-nighters (there’s been a few…) worth it!

If you’re worried about your future – talk to your tutors. They will show you where to go, advise you how to act and imagine the possibilities with you.

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