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History student excelling in the recruitment sector

Ben tells us about his time on the BA (Hons) History course at Leeds Beckett, and how now working as a Senior Recruitment Consultant, he’s supporting the next wave of humanities graduates. 
History Alumni in employment
“I moved to Leeds from Sunderland in 2016, to study history at Leeds Beckett University.  I chose to study history at university because it was my favourite subject in sixth form. I really enjoyed learning about the past and how that has impacted the present.
The history course was interesting, and I loved learning the different topics and units it offered. The layout of the course in terms of exams and coursework was also really appealing to me as I thought it was manageable and had a good variety of assessments. I learned a lot whilst studying the course including skills that were key in my degree but also key in the world of employment too. There was a lot of group and solo presentations where communication was important. This is the same now in my role at G&E Partners where I need to communicate well to get candidates and clients on board. I had my job lined up months before graduation due to the opportunities given to me from the degree in humanities. My experience in recruitment so far has shown me that transferable skills are an important factor which employers look for now more than ever when recruiting graduates. 
I opted for a career in recruitment due to the impetus of being a ‘people’s person’ and having good communication skills. I am a sociable person and enjoy speaking to different people from day-to-day. In the simplest form, my job now as a Senior Recruitment Consultant is to look to fill vacancies/find people their ideal job role. This involves lots of emails and phone calls back and forth. Getting to know the candidate’s background and experiences and then most importantly, their desires and where they want to be. I then take this information they have provided, create a profile for them, send it to any prospective employers and liaise with the employer if they are interested in recruiting the candidate. I am currently working closely with the Career Service at Leeds Beckett University to source the next wave of graduates who don’t quite know what they want to go into but have the work ethic and desire to kickstart their career, without being tied down by course-specific qualifications. 
Through my knowledge in recruitment, I think the most important thing is to not limit yourself to a specific career path as a graduate and be open to the many different routes you can go down with your new qualification and skills. I had no idea I wanted to go into recruitment before discovering it and if I had limited myself then, I wouldn’t be where I am now. It’s also really important to be as proactive as possible whilst given the opportunities at university, attend as many networking events and interviews as possible, get involved in class discussions and presentations, as these are great opportunities to practice your skills and can also give you a better idea as to what it is you’re looking for. If you have the work ethic and drive to succeed, regardless of your subject background, many career routes are possible if you have the correct skills.”

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02 Aug 2021
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