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Creative assessments on the BA (Hons) History course

In their first year studying the BA (Hons) history course at Leeds Beckett, students learn all the foundational skills to succeed alongside their peers, tutors, and academic advisors. From their second year, students have the opportunity to apply those skills in exciting ways that significantly add to their course experience.  These creative assignments, in modules like Slavery and Unfree Labour, as well as Digital History, enable the students to develop skills like creating podcasts and videos, designing websites, historical mapping, and even designing their own video games.

Published on 07 Aug 2020
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Slavery and Unfree Labour Podcasts: With this assessment, students had the opportunity to engage with an aspect of the history of slavery in the British empire covered on the module, and to devise imaginative ways to make their chosen topic accessible and interesting for a (hypothetical) secondary school audience. This allowed students to enrich their understanding of this history, and to develop their creativity, research and communication skills, and digital proficiency. To listen to some examples of the podcasts students created this past year, checkout the below playlists:

The Concept of ‘Social Death’: Grace Ballantyne and Olivia Plummer

Indentured Indian Migrants in South Africa: Amy McMorrow

The Journey Along the ‘Middle Passage’: Jack Warren and Samuel Miller

Indentured Labour in the West Indies: Jake Coleman and Noah Ahmad

The Forgotten: Indian Indentured Labourers: Tara Krishan

Digital History: These lectures focus on 1960s America, and the lab-based seminar sessions focus on improving the digital proficiency of students to give them transferable skills to put on their CVs and give them an edge after graduation. Students have the choice of which digital platform to use for their final assignment, linking the history of the United States in the 1960s to a new digital form, from website creation to augmented reality experiences. For some examples of how students have chosen to do this in the past, please kick the links below:

JFK Assassination Video Game: Olivia Powell

1960s Make-Up Tutorial: Leah Scarlett

Mapping the 1960s Countercultural Movement: Zak Gray

The Decade of Change: A Digital Exploration of the 1960, 1964, and 1968 US Presidential Elections: Oliver Corcoran

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