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The New British Cookbook Event at the Being Human Festival

Leeds Beckett Course Director, Dr Rachel Rich is taking part of the Being Human Festival this November. Rachel will be talking about British food in the Georgian era and today.

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The event will be co-hosted by the British Academy, who are also funding the project. The event will look at how international tastes have influenced the food we eat today. The food historians will discuss 250 years of British cuisine and uncover our changing tastes at this online event. From the occasional peacocks that graced the dining tables at the court of King George III to the chicken tikka masala we know and love today. Discover how Georgian royal tastes tweaked classic Italian and German dishes, find out about the global origins of 19th and 20th century recipes like Mrs Beeton’s mango chutney, and test your own foodie knowledge in pop-quizzes.

You also have a chance to say what you think and how this reflects different British tastes today. Share your favourite recipes which will be gathered into the ‘New British Cookbook’ collection – a guide to the flavour of Britain today.

You can send in your recipe contributions, either by email ( or by Twitter (@historybeagle).

To see more on the event on how to book (free) tickets for your online place, see the Being Human Festival website:


Dr Rachel Rich

Reader / School of Cultural Studies & Humanities

Rachel Rich is a Senior Lecturer in History. Her interest is the cultural and social history of modern Europe, with a particular interest in class and gender. Her research has focused on food and eating habits and, currently, women's timekeeping practices in nineteenth-century France.

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02 Aug 2021
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