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Media Professionals module creates valuable opportunities for students

Third-year Media Communications and Cultures student Francesca Haigh, shares with us how her course helped her interact with media professionals and gave her an exciting internship opportunity. 

Francesca Haigh

“The Media Professionals Workshop module is a great way to learn about the importance of professional working practices and meet visiting tutors who work within the industry. In the first week of the module, we were introduced to media professionals. There was plenty of people we could work with, across numerous industries. I chose to work with Rachel Hatfield and Chris Morris, founders of Shoo Social Media, as I was interested in marketing and knew that this would be a good opportunity to gather experience and see if this was the career path I wanted to pursue. 

I worked with Shoo Social Media as a part of my module for 8 weeks; we were put into two teams and produced our own campaign to increase Shoo’s brand awareness online. We had weekly sessions on campus with Shoo where they would teach us more about the industry. The sessions included: marketing strategies, key terms and key software.

However, my experience of working with Shoo Social Media didn’t end following the completion of the 8 week module. Instead, Rachel and Chris offered me the opportunity to continue working with them to further develop my experience. At this point, I knew that social media marketing was my desired career and immediately recognised that this was an amazing opportunity that couldn’t be missed.

Due to Covid-19, I have been working remotely with weekly Zoom meetings with the Shoo Social Media team. Despite this remote form of working, it hasn’t affected my experience as I have still been supported and have been actively involved with many marketing activities. I now manage Shoo’s social media pages with another intern and have worked on various social media campaigns. As a result of my hard work and determination, as well as the continued support of Rachel and Chris, I now manage a team of 10 other fellow interns. I have the responsibility of making sure that all team members understand their roles and ensure task deadlines are met.  

Despite being with Shoo Social Media for less than a year, I have gained considerable experience in copywriting, graphic creations, team leadership and understanding more about how businesses run and the marketing world. I know that when I graduate in summer 2021, not only will I have a degree, but I will also have a substantial amount of experience that will look desirable to employers and help me in my career.

I recommend everyone to take as many opportunities you can to gain work experience or communicate with media professionals, as it has many advantages and you don’t know where it might take you. It helped me get a feel of the professional world and confirmed the career path I want to go into”.


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02 Aug 2021
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