How Leeds Beckett's career workshops have helped me prepare for life after university

Maria Stefanian is an MA Media and Culture student at Leeds Beckett University. Maria tells us about the recent career workshops which she’s attended at Leeds Beckett, and how these have helped her feel more confident about life after university. 


Careers Fair

I regularly participate in skills and career sessions which Leeds Beckett offers to its students. These have included a Freelancer Webinar, Careers in Media and The Professional Development course. As a former student of a Bachelors degree in Romania, I participated in student workshops there also. The experience and teachers' knowledge at Leeds Beckett is unrivalled, making me very appreciative of these free opportunities.

All these sessions and opportunities are available online on the My Hub webpage. There’s plenty of workshops for students to choose from such as Summer Careers Fair, CV workshops, dissertation help, academic skills drop-in and work experience opportunities. 

The most recent one I took part in was The Professional Development session. It consisted of Leeds Beckett graduates talking about their own personal career development and giving helpful advice to current students. It also introduced graduates to employers and presented students with a wide variety of career pathways, both directly emerging from their specialism and other career routes available which they might not have previously known about or considered.

The main benefit I got from taking part in these sessions was the helpful advice, such as dealing with setbacks, negotiating, adapting in unprecedented times, improving personal brand, pushing yourself out of your comfort zone, and improving communication skills. 

I highly recommend these sessions for any student, in any year, both undergraduate or postgraduate. They prepare you for your career and help develop you as a person and provide many networking opportunities. So go get connected and good luck!