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Me, Derrick and my sister in Law Lorraine, at my mums wedding in 2017

The Walters Family Windrush Story

Shalikah Walters-Watson, Leeds Beckett MA Contemporary Literature student, remembers her family history on this year’s Windrush Day.

The Headrow, Leeds, 1944 (© Leeds Library and Information Service, Leeds City Council)

Students explore the WW2 history of multinational consultancy firm

Second year students from across the School of Cultural Studies and Humanities work with industry partners on live briefs as part of their ‘Applied Humanities’ module, enabling them to develop a range of practical employability skills.

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History Alumni in employment

History student excelling in the recruitment sector

Ben tells us about his time on the BA (Hons) History course at Leeds Beckett, and how now working as a Senior Recruitment Consultant, he’s supporting the next wave of humanities graduates. 

 Ben Emmerson
Front cover of 'The People's War' by Angus Calder, with a WW2 home guard warden on the front - a man with a moustache, glasses and a helmet with a W on the front

What the Second World War tells us about enlisting ‘The People’ in the fight against Covid-19

Boris Johnson’s announcement of strict measures to stem the spread of Covid-19 described the present as a ‘moment of national emergency’. 

Acting like a Wartime Government

‘We must act like [a] wartime government’ explained Boris Johnson in his second daily Covid-19 press conference.

The wartime analogy was woven throughout the Prime Minister’s address. Covid-19 was described as a deadly enemy, there was a direct parallel with the Second World War, and Johnson assured his listeners that ‘we have the resolve and the resources to win this fight’.


Aaron working with children in Bradford

Forged by Fire: Can a history project help save lives?

Leeds Beckett University Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Aaron Andrews, talks with passion about how events in history can help shape the people we become, and how in some cases, can even help save lives.

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Samantha Mitchell

History graduate looks to the future with a promising career in HR

After graduating with a first-class honour’s degree in History, the skills Samantha learnt at university, such as historical data analysis, helped her to successfully secure a job in human resources.

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The exhibition

Emily Hobhouse: War Without Glamour

History student Sophia Lambert talks about her involvement in a workshop focussing on the creation of an exhibition documenting the work of the early 20th century peace activist Emily Hobhouse.

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