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Recommended books BLM

Leeds Beckett English Literature student shares her opinion on the BLM movement

Leeds Beckett English Literature student, Alexandra Thompson has written a comment piece on the Black Lives Matter movement.

 Alexandra Thompson
Leeds Love Letter spread love

Leeds Love Letters

In light of National Writing Day on 24 June 2020, English Literature student, Ali Thompson shares with us how letter writing can combat loneliness and how she created 'Leeds Love Letters' in order to unwind and help others.

 Alexandra Thompson
Students at a computer desk

Challenging Gaming Culture

Challenging Gaming Culture is a new module created for third year students wanting to enhance and develop their understanding of the video gaming world and is accessible to all students, regardless of how experienced they are when it comes to the gaming culture.

Shona Marshall

A poets journey back to education

Years after leaving education, Shona Marshall shares with us how she reconnected with her love of music and poetry, which led her to study BA (Hons) Creative Writing in Contemporary Culture at Leeds Beckett University.

postcards promoting the harrogate film festival on a table

Harrogate Film Festival Reviews

Chelsea Hallal, Media Communication Cultures student, shares her reviews of some of the films showcased at the Harrogate Film Festival, of which the university’s Northern Film School is a key partner.

Jozef in a pizza restaurant

Getting more out of University

University life can be very hard. But the trick is in the old saying – you can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf.

Jozef Ashley Jozef Ashley

How To Curate A Blog

In this blog post I have the inside scoop on how to articulate creative writing ideas, story and character development with the extremely talented yet humble Dr. Rachel Connor, Course Director for the English with Creative Writing degree at Leeds Beckett University and published novelist, radio scriptwriter and poet.

Sam Smith Sam
Writing Festival

Leeds Beckett Writers ‘Writing on Air’ ’19 Festival

Every year, Chapel FM hosts numerous writers and readers On Air for this four-day writing festival. This year, three hundred writers, readers and performers from the ages of eight to ninety-four took part in this legendary event.

Leeds Beckett Logo Jay Ali

Intro to me: Tess Cullinan

I am a writer and a student. For years now, my passion has been Creative Writing, but it is only after being able to study this at Leeds Beckett that I have given myself the label of writer.

Leeds Beckett Logo Tess

Intro to me: Sam Smith

My name's Sam Smith, no not the singer or the Beer, the creative writer extraordinaire! I'm a mature student of 31 and a Mum to three crazy boys. Although I'm probably the most immature student in year two, as I feel I'm allowed to find my youth again everyday at Leeds Beckett.

Sam Smith Sam
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