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Study Abroad scheme

A short question and answer session with our study abroad student Viktoria who went to University of Chur in Switzerland as part of her studies with Leeds Beckett University.

Study Abroad scheme

How did your study abroad experience in Switzerland teach you things about tourism that you wouldn’t have known had you stayed in Leeds?

Although the method of teaching is quite similar many aspects are different. For example, I was enrolled on to the Mountain Management module which provides an insight in to the cable cars industry and alpine tourism in Switzerland, this is just one of the experiences I would not have gained had I stayed in Leeds. I will also be taking my exams here which will be a new experience. I think it is useful to undertake different exam techniques as I feel you become confident in different areas highlighting the skills and knowledge gained overtime.

How do you think this experience will prepare you for the rest of your course – placement and/or L6?

I have gained a valuable experience in terms of experiencing another culture, meeting different people and learning through different methods and techniques. I especially liked the fact that we did presentations that really help you to prepare you in your future career.  Overall, I think doing an exchange was by far one of my best decisions! Not to mention how much I love Switzerland now.

What would you say to others who were thinking about taking part in this programme?

I would totally recommend it because it is in reality a once in a lifetime opportunity, if you miss the chance in the 2nd year of your studies you will never get it again! So, roll up your sleeves, don’t think much about it and just apply because honestly it is an awsome experience!

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