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Alumni Included in US Top Women in Events 2019

Caz Lockwood, MSc Events Management graduate, has been included in the US Top Women in Events for 2019.

Alumni Included in US Top Women in Events 2019

This list is curated by US based LASSO, a major Event Industry/ Management software organisation. The Top Women in Events is an initiative from LASSO, who wants recognise top-performing women in the Events Industry because of their positive impact on growth and the success of their teams. Deputy Director of Production at Set Creative, and former student Caz Lookwood, has been named one of the Top 10 Women in Events 2019.

What the jury said about Caz:
“Caz has delivered live events internationally for over a decade in various freelance roles. Caz has been named in the Top 10 Women in Events due to the fact that she is a highly motivated, enthusiastic person, committed to building strong and healthy working relationships and both building & leading teams to ensure projects are delivered that exceed expectations.”

What colleagues say about Caz:
“Producers and leaders in this industry are often very strong personalities with a ‘take-no-prisoner’ and the ‘show must go on’ attitude,” said Martin Szymanski, Director of Technical Production at Set Creative. “Caz is the gentlest and most considerate version I’ve come across. Make no mistake, she’ll take no prisoners and the show must indeed go on, but the crew must also get rest, the client must be given a truly transparent partnership, and on top of that, the vegans will be accommodated, the trash will go into the proper trash receptacles, and bicycles will be peddled when possible. Not to mention that Caz has a great sense of production aesthetics and story. Caz is the whole package and the client, and our team get the very best out of any event.”

About Lasso’s Top Women In Events:
‘The event industry is both intense and competitive, but it is also incredibly rewarding. While it takes hard work and dedication, event professionals also get the unique opportunity to make the most exciting and lasting experiences come to life. Many women are breaking through the industry’s glass ceiling and are paving the way for a more diverse and equal landscape. Things are changing. Women play an incredibly important role in this industry – driving both value and inspiration to ensure successful events. LASSO wants to take the opportunity to recognise these top performing, well-deserving women.’

Originally published on set creative.

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