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Industry Perspectives: Managing Risk and Crowds at Major Events

The UK Centre for Events Management (UKCEM) recently welcomed experts in crowd safety, risk and counter terrorism strategies. Bringing together theory and practice, undergraduate and postgraduate students discussed the diverse range of skills, techniques and strategies needed to respond to and recover from major incidents at events.

Participants in the panel discussion

Drawing on a wealth of experience, the expert panel underlined the depth of knowledge needed to manage risk and crowds at events.

Mark Grant from G4S reflected “Understanding the portfolio of risk and cascade effect that risk has on staff, suppliers and attendee experience is paramount”.

In support, Dan Jones from Event Safety Ltd “Your clients pay a premium to experience a memorable event, equally staying safe and secure is of paramount importance.”

Head of Operations, Bob Brayshaw, from Tour de Yorkshire strongly advised against an over-reliance on ad-hoc reactive measures in the events industry: “the preparatory work with emergency services is integral in public events to ensure confidence in anti-terrorism response”.

Hannah Rossmorris, Senior Lecturer specialising in Risk, Law and Crowd Management, summarised: “critique and application of theory is so important in subjects such as Events Management. Exposure to the realities of incidents and recovery techniques prepares students well for their future career in industry”.

Dr James Musgrave

Head of Subject / School Of Events, Tourism And Hospitality Management

James has extensive experience in research, consultancy, and training across a number of sectors such as events, hospitality and international manufacturing. His current interests are in corporate social responsibility, pro-environmental behaviour change and sustainable knowledge transfer. 

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05 May 2021
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