The Golden Robes is a collaboration between our university and Leeds Beckett Students’ Union to celebrate the special contribution colleagues have made to our university over the past year.  Peers and students have nominated the following from our School:

Best Academic Advisor – Dr Milka Ivanova, Dr Simon Woodward.

Best Course Director – Simon Bell (MSc Sports Events Management and MSc International Events Management), Dr Davina Stanford (MSc Responsible Tourism Management), Lisa Gorton (BA (Hons) International Tourism Management).

Best Course Team – Events Management Course Team, Sports Events Management Course Team.

Best Dissertation Supervisor – Dr Davide Sterchele, Dan Lomax, Dr Thomas Fletcher, Simon Bell, Dr Elisa Burrai, Dr Milka Ivanova, Dr Jane Turner, Lisa Gorton.

Best Feedback – Dr Thomas Fletcher.

Best Lecturer – David Dewhurst, Michelle Lanham, Dr Ian Lamond, Dr Jonathan Moss, Annemarie Piso, Dr Simon Woodward, Kevan Burke, Stephanie Jameson.

Best Module – Event Futures (Michelle Lanham), Managing Risk at Major Events (David Dewhurst), Tourism for Local Economic and Poverty Reduction (Lucy McCombes).

Colleague of the Year – Dr Thomas Fletcher, Dr Ian Lamond, Dr Jane Turner, David Dewhurst.

Contribution to Diversity and Inclusion – Bernadette Albert.

Leader of the Year – Dr James Musgrave (UK Centre for Events Management), Lisa Gorton (BA (Hons) International Tourism Management).

Team of the Year – School of Events Tourism and Hospitality Management Academic Services Team, UK Centre for Events Management.

Unsung Hero
– Michelle Lanham, Jane Learmonth, Jane Turner, Trish Coll.

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11 Mar 2021
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