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Spotlight on MSc Responsible Tourism Management for Sustainability Leaders Project interview

Lucy McCombes talks about her teaching on responsible tourism and how it has been put it into practice in The Gambia. 
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Lucy McCombes was recently nominated to feature in an interview with the Sustainability Leaders Project (SLP) about her teaching on responsible tourism and putting it into practice in The Gambia. Read her full interview

Those interviewed join the SLP network of sustainable tourism champions made up of  entrepreneurs, researchers, advisors and destination managers.  They all share their experiences, hopes and challenges to inspire and support others working as professionals in sustainable and responsible tourism. Lucy proudly joins several alumni from our MSc Responsible Tourism Management course who have already become part of this network due to their achievements in responsible tourism in countries around the world.  Find out more about the network.

The SLP seeks to encourage tourism professionals to embrace sustainability by means of sharing the experiences and stories of leading sustainable tourism thinkers and doers worldwide. It aims to provide quick and easy access to experts on various topics linked to sustainable tourism and hospitality.

Lucy McCombes

Senior Lecturer / School Of Events, Tourism And Hospitality Management

Lucy McCombes is a tourism and community development professional with an academic background in Social Anthropology of Development and Responsible Tourism Management. She currently teaches social impacts of tourism and managing host-guest interaction.

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