Named after its founder, Jeff Skoll, the first President of eBay and creator of the eBay Foundation, the Skoll conference attracted up to 5,000 entrepreneurs and leaders from across the world.

The theme for this year's event was ‘Closing the Distance’. Through workshops and seminars, participants worked together to examine local and global divides and explore ways in which everyone can work together to build bridges through innovative solutions. 

Working with Emma Wellstead from Warwick Events, our students supported the three day, 24-hour cycle of workshops and seminars using Hop In. The students were recruited by Emma in February and it provided them with a great opportunity to put their learning to the test.

Speaking about her experience, first year Events Management Student Abigail Courage said

“It was an amazing opportunity for our students to work on the global World Skoll Forum virtual event. The emphasis in many of the sessions I attended was the impact that the global pandemic has had on different locations and how they have responded to it." 

"My role at the event was to effectively be an event steward. So, if it had been held in-person, I would be the smiley one in a high viz, there to answer any questions and guide people to the right place. Before the event, we all had an online training session to get to know each other and find out what we needed to do for each role. The roles ranged from been on the helpdesk directly speaking to attendees, to helping speakers test their tech in the green room and generally helping anyone who needed an extra hand." 

Another first year student, Kayleigh Curtis also took part in the event adding "It was a great opportunity to be treated as an event professional. The virtual event experience is fab to have moving into the post-covid hybrid event world!"

Find out more on The World Skoll Forum website.

[Header Image: 1st Year Events Management Student Abi Courage]

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1st Year Events Management Student Kayleigh Curtis

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