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From Glastonbury to live broadcasting to millions - why I'm glad I studied Events Management

Josh Cherrington MSc International Events Management, graduated in 2022. We caught up with him to find out more about his LBU journey.

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Spotlight | Josh Cherrington

What course did you study and what year did you graduate?

I originally studied BA (Hons) Music Production at Leeds Beckett (Class of 2017). Whilst studying I was working at live events for some extra income and fell in love with the 'buzz' that comes from creating live experiences for people.  I put on a live event as part of my final project and that gave me loads of contacts and experience which has really helped me forge a career in what can be quite a difficult industry to get into. Ultimately I had some good operational experience but really wanted to establish an academic backing to my knowledge, so I decided to do study MSc International Events Management.

Why did you choose to study at Leeds Beckett?

Having previously studied at Leeds Beckett (LBU), when I decided to return to education it was my first choice. Also the staff are all experts in their fields but still very much operational in what they teach. The blend of academic expertise and real, worked examples made a huge impact. Leeds is a fantastic city which is vibrant, interesting and full of opportunity - that just made the decision even easier. 

What have you been up to since finishing your course?

Whilst studying, I was freelancing in the events industry, most commonly within live music. After finishing my course I began working at one of the world's leading event venue operators; ASM Global. No two days are the same and it's brilliant to be able to see the look on people’s faces as their favourite band comes on stage at an event you've planned.

How did your course and Leeds Beckett help you to succeed in your chosen career?

Aside from the qualifications looking great on my CV, there were plenty of other benefits I got from studying at LBU. The teaching network is really supportive and great at giving advice when it comes to career progression, helping with job applications or employment opportunities. Whilst I was studying I got involved in lots of other stuff too (like being a student ambassador and working at the Students Union) which have both really helped me be successful in my career - it's bizarre how well delivering student finance talks prepares you for business development pitches!

What is your most memorable achievement to date?

There are loads of things I'm proud of, but there are a few small ones that stand out for me:

  • Planning a government event for the new Prime Minister with just 5 days to plan it
  • Delivering a sporting event broadcast live over the world to millions of people
  • The first time working at Glastonbury on the Other Stage
  • Seeing artists I've worked with for BBC Introducing become some of the most popular in the country

What advice would you give to anyone  wishing to study International Events Management?

Firstly I'd encourage anyone to jump in and study Events Management, it's a great subject, with lots to learn. You also gain transferrable skills that help you stand out to future employers. Some small nuggets of advice I’ve picked up along the way would be:

  • It's not just 'who you know'. It's also about what you know. Contacts are important, but when an opportunity comes around you need to know what you're doing. 
  • In events, reputation is really important. Be a nice person and help others.
  • It can be tempting to burn the candle at both ends. The events industry is great but it's also stressful - make sure you take the time to rest, reflect and look after yourself. 

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27 Oct 2022
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