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It’s all about the journey, so have fun and make long-lasting memories with friends and lecturers

On the back of his recent graduation, we caught up with BSc (Hons) Hospitality Business Management graduate, Stephen Robinson to find out more about his Leeds Beckett University (LBU) experience.

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Why did you choose to study at LBU?

There are several reasons why I choose to study at LBU. Firstly, they had the degree course that I wanted to study, making it my first choice. Secondly, it allowed me to study in the heart of Leeds - a thriving city that has lots of employment and volunteering opportunities and offers an all-round amazing student experience.

What have you been up to since finishing your course?

After finishing my degree I travelled to Greece to celebrate. Since returning from Greece I have been really busy at work, but I still manage to find time to meet up with my university friends. I also have plans to set up a small business with a friend and possibly do the Master of Research programme at Leeds Beckett.

How did your course and LBU help you to succeed in your chosen career?

The course has and is still helping me to continue to develop in the hospitality industry through the skills gained whilst at university. For example, I can apply the theory that I learnt in my lectures and seminars into practice at my job, creating a new approach to tackling issues that arise. Furthermore, LBU has helped me to develop my confidence through the interactions I had with lecturers and students which, as a result, has allowed me to progress further in my everyday life and my work.  

What is your most memorable achievement to date?

Definitely achieving a First on my first assignment at university! I remember being nervous about starting my first assignment as I was unsure whether it would be good or bad. After sitting down with my lecturer and seeing that my mark was a First, I was speechless. It gave me the confidence in myself and my abilities and continued to drive me throughout my time at university, I always tried to be the best me in everything I did.

What advice would you give to anyone wishing to study Hospitality Business Management?

I have two pieces of advice for anyone wanting to study Hospitality Business Management at Leeds Beckett University. Firstly, get as much experience as possible. Whether that is taking part in societies or engaging in activities outside of the university. Secondly, have fun! It’s all about the journey, so make it a fun and rememberable one by making long-lasting memories with friends and lecturers. 

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27 Oct 2022
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