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Counselling study visit to Cambodia

Four of our PG Diploma Counselling and Psychotherapy students are visiting Puthisastra University in Cambodia.

Counselling student visit to Cambodia

Ida Griffiths shares some thoughts on the experience:

"I sit here writing this less than one week before we fly and the reality of the trip is finally sinking in. I have a mixture of bubbling excitement, intrigue and a little twinge of anticipatory fear! For me, this trip presents the unique opportunity for me to explore a new culture in the context of my newly found passion for Counselling and Therapy; helping others navigate the waves of their lives and discover themselves in the therapeutic process.

I feel privileged to have the opportunity to share the skills and learnings I have gathered from my studies and my experiences in practice with equally enthusiastic students working towards helping others at the other side of the world. I am confident I will have much to learn from the students and staff, including being exposed to new perspectives, mind-sets and approaches to the challenges of life and ways of helping others.

I am also interested to learn more about the complex and traumatic history of this mysterious and very different part of the world; my own research has merely scraped the surface and I am sure that the power of visiting the historical sites of the killing fields will really tap into the true depths and magnitude what the people of Cambodia have been through. I am not sure what this experience will bring and what impacts I will have by participating, but I am excited to find out and I have faith in the positive ripple effect that this could catalyse in both directions.

Cambodia, here I come!"

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