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Things to do in Leeds

Hi, I'm Georgie. I know that a lot of the time, people worry that they won't 'fit in' as a student in a big city if they don't drink alcohol. Well, here I've listed some of my favourite things to do which don't involve drinking, to hopefully give you some inspiration.

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Leeds is such a vibrant city with so much to offer, whatever you’re into. Many people worry that all student activities involve alcohol, and that you won't 'fit in' if you don't drink - but that’s definitely not the case.

Here’s a list of just four fun things to do and great places to check out that don’t involve any alcohol, and there are loads more.

Hyde Park Picture House

Hyde Park Picture House is one of the UK's oldest cinemas and was established in 1914. It’s located in the centre of the buzzing student area, Hyde Park, and is definitely worth a visit! The old fashioned, theatrical style building has an ornate balcony, comfy red chairs and a small snack kiosk that sells a variety of delicious treats. It shows the latest independent and award-winning cinema from around the world, as well as cult classics. This means that you could easily go every week, and see something completely different each time. With student tickets priced at just £6, it’s a great and cheap way to spend a fun night out with your friends.

Georgie - outside of Hyde Park PIcture house

The Kitty Cafe

A trip to The Kitty Cafe located in the city centre is a must for all feline lovers! This cafe was set up as a cat rescue centre but it’s also somewhere you can grab a delicious lunch, coffee or slice of cake with a friend. Entry to the cafe costs £6 which goes towards the welfare of the cats and re-homing and caring for them. All of the kittys have a lot of personality and you can learn about their history during your visit.

Georgie - picture of cats in the Kitty Cafe

Hyde Park Book Club

Hyde Park Book Club is located on Headingley Lane, which again is in the student area of Hyde Park. In the day time, it is a great place to take your laptop and grab a coffee or a bite to eat. If you fancy an afternoon or an evening activity, it boasts a wide board game selection and they even host a board game afternoon every Sunday from 12 until 5! From classic games to new games, they’ve got something for everyone - you can easily find yourself spending hours at a time there. As well as board games nights, the cafe also hosts various live music evenings such as the Hyde Park Jazz Club every Thursday evening!

Hyde Park Book Club from the outside

Oranaise Café

Situated on The Crescent, which is just on the corner of Hyde Park and a 10 minute walk from city campus, Oranaise Cafe is a Mediterranean cafe and takeaway, serving some of the most delicious North African cuisine in Leeds! It’s really affordable and there’s loads to choose from, whether you’re a meat-eater, veggie or vegan. Its traditional Middle Eastern decor creates a lovely ambience and the atmosphere is always so relaxed and lovely. It’s definitely worth a visit.

Georgie image of the inside of Oranaise Cafe


Hi, I'm Georgie and I'm a final year English and Media student from Manchester. I have a real passion for writing and all things literary! When I'm not at university you can find me watching documentaries and spending time with my friends.