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My top tips for choosing halls

Hello there, my name is Owen and I’m a second-year student at Leeds Beckett University studying Sports Marketing. In this blog I’m here to tell you what it is like from the perspective of a student who has gone through many of the same processes that you may have when choosing accommodation.

Plates and cups

When I was in your position and deciding which accommodation to stay in a lot of questions went through my head. Where can I get the best value for money? Where is the nearest fast food chain and supermarkets? How am I going to get to my campus from here? If you’re also asking yourself these questions, you’ll find the answers here.


I would say that the best thing to do before choosing your accommodation is to establish which campus you will be studying on. This is important as there are different accommodation sites that are closer or further away from our Headingley and city campuses. You’ll want to make sure that you find out which ones are closer so that you know where you can find the quickest journey times so that your trip to campus will be as smooth as it can be, especially for those eagerly anticipated 9am starts. I study at the Headingley campus so I chose the Kirkstall Brewery halls of residence in my first year. This was mainly because...

  • The accommodation is within a 25 min walking distance of the campus which was great for whenever I would wake up late and needed to get to campus quickly.
  • There is a free shuttle bus that took me to and from campus every day which was also very useful as it allowed me to save money on travel and transport which could be used for other things.
  • It has a shopping park within a five-minute walk of the premises which include shops such as Morrisons, B&M and Boots. This is incredibly useful especially when you need to buy some bits before or after lectures such as milk or bread.
  • Very good transport links into the city meant that I was able to be in the city centre within 15 mins from Kirkstall Brewery. I would use the bus from the Kirkstall lights bus stop which is a seven-minute walk from the accommodation and get a bus that would take me just outside the Leeds train station in no time!
Kirkstall Brewery building near canal

Kirkstall Brewery halls

Onsite facilities

When choosing accommodation, I thought it was important to see what different leisure activities they could offer me onsite. For example, in Kirkstall Brewery there is a student pub called The Vault which works exactly like a normal pub, showing football and serving drinks at reasonable price for the student budget. I used to go there and socialise with my flatmates which was a big help when we all wanted to get to know each other. It also helped that it was right on our doorstep, so we didn’t have to go far at all which was useful in case anyone wanted an early night (very rare!). This was one of the things that helped entice me to come to Kirkstall Brewery, however there are other places in halls that are available for socialising. One of the most unusual places I found I managed to meet people and form friendships was in the laundry room. Rather surprisingly, I found that the fact that everyone is there for the same thing and everyone was going through similar situations created a great environment for chatting. Some of my current friendships started with a conversation next to a tumble dryer (who knew!).

The Vault

The Vault student pub in Kirkstall Brewery

Value for money

Finally, we come on to price and style of room. I decided to go for a standard ensuite room at Kirkstall Brewery. This was because although the shared bathroom may have given me more opportunity to socialise, I thought I would revel in having my own bathroom so that I could use it whenever I wanted and not to the schedule of my other flatmates. This cost me £144 per week for a tenancy of 44 weeks. I thought that based on the quality of room and the fact that it was an ensuite rather than a joint bathroom that the price was reasonable. This is arguably the most important part of your decision making process to make sure you find the style of room that you want but also at the price you can afford.

Kirkstall Brewery Bedroom

Bedroom option at Kirkstall Brewery

Overall, my experience in deciding where to stay when studying at Leeds Beckett was a simple and efficient process which gave me the best chance of being able to find the room, I wanted at a price which was affordable. From the facilities to transport links Leeds is a very student friendly city with something for everyone, which means wherever you decide to stay things you’ll not be far from what you need. I hope that this has helped you answer some of your worries and questions about the process and hopefully we will see you at Leeds Beckett in the near future!

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