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my experience of going through clearing by Ryan

My Experience of going through Clearing

Hi, I’m Ryan and I have just completed my second year in English Literature at Leeds Beckett University! I am going to be talking about my experiences of going through Clearing, and how I found myself to be studying at Leeds Beckett.

Student blogger, Ryan Ryan W
Is failing alevels the end of the world by Dorothy

Is failing A-levels the End of the World?

Hi! My name is Dorothy and I’m in my final year at Leeds Beckett University. Failing A-levels is not the end of the world, even though it may feel like it. If results day doesn’t go to plan, it’s important to stay calm and think of the next viable step. To help, I’ve put together some of my top tips below…

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My Clearing Experience by Antonia

My Clearing Experience

Hi, I'm Antonia and here's my experience of finding my place at Leeds Beckett via clearing.

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How to improve your wellbeing around results day by Dorothy

How to improve your Wellbeing around Results Day

Hi there! My name is Dorothy and I’m in my final year of study at Leeds Beckett University. If you’re feeling worried or stress about results day, I’ve put together some helpful tips to see you through this tough time and help improve your wellbeing.

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Gone through Clearing how to research your new uni by Dorothy

Gone through Clearing? How to research your new Uni

Hi there, my name is Dorothy and I’m a final year marketing student at Leeds Beckett University. If you’ve accepted a place in clearing, here are a few sites that you can use to get to know your university before you arrive in September.

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My clearing story and advice by Amy W

My Clearing Story and Advice

Hi, I'm Amy and I want to tell you about my clearing experience and give you some tips for making your decisions.

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Relieving results day anxiety by Ross

Relieving Results Day Anxiety

Hi I'm Ross and I want to give you some tips for keeping calm when it comes to results day!

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My Clearing experience by Jade

My Clearing Experience

Hi, I'm Jade. I came to study here at Leeds Beckett through Clearing, and it ended up being the best thing that could have happened to me. I'm going to tell you all about my experience in this blog.

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