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5 reasons I've enjoyed studying at Leeds Beckett by Ben

Five Reasons I've enjoyed studying at Leeds Beckett

Hi, I'm Ben. This is a quick-fire list of the top five reasons I’ve enjoyed my time at Leeds Beckett University (just on a quick side note, there are many more than just five reasons!)

Ben Thomas student ambassador Ben
Five reasons Leeds Beckett is a great place to study by Dorothy

Five Reasons Leeds Beckett is a Great Place to study

Hi there, my name is Dorothy Edgar and I’m in my final year at Leeds Beckett University. If you’re new to Leeds Beckett or you’re considering studying here in September, here are a few of the great things you can experience when you join the Leeds Beckett Community!

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Vlog student discounts in Leeds by Izzy

Vlog | Student Discounts in Leeds

Hi, I'm Izzy. I'm talking about my favourite things to do in Leeds and what discounts you can get for being a student.

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Leeds' surrounding areas - Huddersfield by Sim

Leeds' Surrounding Areas - Huddersfield

Hi, I'm Sim. Here's a quick overview of the best places to visit in Huddersfield, for those that fancy a day out in Leeds' surrounding areas.

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The best things about Yorkshire by Molly

The Best Things about Yorkshire

Hi, I'm Molly. I want to show you the reasons Yorkshire is so great, and give you some ideas for days out here.

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Cinemas in Leeds by Chelsea R

Cinemas in Leeds

Hi I'm Chelsea, and here's my review of the cinemas in Leeds.

Chelsea R blog squad Chelsea R
Ways to have fun in Leeds without alcohol by Molly

Ways to have Fun in Leeds without Alcohol

Hi, I'm Molly and here's some ideas for ways you can have fun in Leeds on your next sober day or night out!

Molly profile picture Molly
Vegan food in Leeds by Chelsea

Vegan Food in Leeds

Hi, I'm Chelsea and I wanted to recommend some plant based eateries around Leeds.

Chelsea R blog squad Chelsea R
The best independent coffee shops in Leeds by Leyla

The Best Independent Coffee Shops in Leeds

Hi, I'm Leyla and I want to share some of Leeds' best independent coffee places where you can visit for your caffeine hit!

Leeds Beckett student, Leyla Rose Leyla
Nightlife in Leeds and Headingley by Ben

Nightlife in Leeds and Headingley

Hi, I'm Ben and I want to show you some of my favourite places to go out in Leeds and Headingley.

Ben Thomas student ambassador Ben
Why you should study in Leeds by Sim

Why You should study in Leeds

Hi I'm Sim and here's why I think you'd enjoy studying in Leeds.

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Exploring Yorkshire, by Ben

Exploring Yorkshire

Hi, I'm Ben. I thought I’d give you a few reasons to visit Yorkshire (if you didn’t have enough reasons already).

Ben Thomas student ambassador Ben
My experience living at Sugarwell Court by Dorothy

My Experience at Sugarwell Court

Hi there, my name is Dorothy and I’m a final year student at Leeds Beckett. I’m here to tell you about my experience living in Sugarwell Court halls in first-year.

Dorothy profile picture Dorothy
Leeds International Festival Explained by Abbie

Leeds International Festival explained

Hi, I'm Abbie. I went along to the Leeds International Festival PR launch and here I'm going to talk about it.

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Vlog Izzy's ideas for cheap days out in Leeds

Vlog | Ideas for Cheap Days Out

Hi, I'm Izzy and here's my first vlog, showing you an idea for a cheap day in Leeds - a picnic on the acre. 

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Vlog my favourite places in Leeds by Leyla

Vlog | My Favourite Places in Leeds

Hi, I'm Leyla and here's my latest vlog about my favourite places in Leeds.

Leeds Beckett student, Leyla Rose Leyla
The best student deals in Leeds this February

The Best Student Deals in Leeds this February

Hi, I'm Dororthy and I've listed some student deals for you to make the most of this month!

Dorothy profile picture Dorothy
The best things about being a student in Leeds by Dorothy

The Best Things about being a Student in Leeds

Hi, I'm Dorothy. To find out about what Leeds has to offer its student population, read my full blog below.

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15 things to do on Valentines Day by Molly

15 Things to do this Valentine's Day

Hi, I’m Molly and I want to share with you 15 unusual ideas for things to do with your partner or friends this Valentine’s Day in Leeds!

Molly profile picture Molly
Guide to Valentine's Day in Leeds by Manon

Guide to Valentine's Day in Leeds

Hi, I'm Manon and I have some ideas for you for what you can do in Leeds for Valentine's Day.

Manon profile pic blog squad Manon
Vegetarian restaurants in Leeds by Anagha

Vegetarian Restaurants in Leeds

Hi, I'm Anagha and I want to share where you can get some vegetarian food in Leeds!

Anagha profile pic Anagha
5 gigs on a budget in Leeds by Lee

Five Gigs on a Budget in Leeds

Hi, I'm Lee and I've shared some ideas for cheap upcoming gigs in Leeds.

Leeds Beckett Logo Lee
Vlog hidden gems in Leeds by Matt

Vlog | Hidden Gems in Leeds

Hi, I'm Matt and I want to tell you about 5 places in Leeds which I think are well worth visiting.

Matt L profile picture blog squad Matt
Christmas in Leeds by Jenny

Christmas in Leeds

Hi, I'm Jenny and here's my latest blog all about Christmas in Leeds.

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Vlog student life in Leeds by Emily

Vlog | Student Life in Leeds

Hi, I'm Emily. Here's my latest vlog, all about student life in Leeds.

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Vlog my favourite places in Leeds by Eliza

Vlog | My Favourite Places in Leeds

Hi, I'm Eliza. Take a look at my latest vlog, all about my favourite things to do in the city of Leeds!

Eliza blog squad profile picture Eliza
Exploring Leeds' Christmas markets

Exploring the Leeds Christmas Market

Hi, I'm Molly. Here's my latest vlog, taken at the Leeds German Christmas Market!

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What is bonfire night by Anagha

Bonfire Night Explained

Hi I'm Anagha. I want to explain what Bonfire Night is all about, to help those who may have been a little confused by it all last week!

Anagha profile pic Anagha
Winter in Leeds by Molly

Winter in Leeds

Hi, I'm Molly! Here's my top tips for enjoying Leeds (and looking after yourself) this winter.

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Why I chose LBU for my erasmus by Katie

Why I chose LBU for my Erasmus

Hi, I'm Katie from Ireland and I want to talk about why I chose to do study abroad in Leeds, and why I'm glad I did it!

Gild with blonde hair wearing a grey top and black cardigan Katie
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