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How I manage my time as a Postgrad student, by Dipti

How I manage my time as a postgrad student

Hi, I am Dipti and I’m currently enrolled on the MSc Marketing & Digital Strategy. In this blog, I will be sharing some time management tips that will help you during your course at LBU.

Dipti Gaurav Dipti
Why I chose Leeds Beckett

Why I chose Leeds Beckett

Hi, I'm Ian and in this vlog I'll be talking about the reasons why I chose to study at Leeds Beckett. 

Ian Stokes Ian
Hiking the Postgraduate vs Undergraduate trails - How are they different? by Ning

Hiking the postgraduate vs undergraduate trails – how are they different?

Hello everyone. My name is Ning and I am a Malaysian postgraduate student who is currently undertaking a MSc in Psychology of Sport and Exercise.

Ning Hwu Ning
My work placement abroad, by Elettra

My Work Placement Abroad

Hi, my name is Elettra, I am a 3rd year student, studying Public Relations here at Leeds Beckett. I want to share with you my experience on a 12-month work placement in Spain.

Elettra profile pic Elettra
Why Leeds Is A Popular Student City, by Frank

Vlog | Why Leeds is a Popular Student City

Hi, I'm Frank and in this vlog I'm going to show you what Leeds as a city has to offer and why it's an amazing student city.

This is Frank, a Leeds Beckett international student Frank
A day in the life of an American Football player at Leeds Beckett, by Sean

Vlog | A Day in the Life of an American Football Player at Leeds Beckett

Hi I’m Sean, an American Football player here at Leeds Beckett. In this vlog I’m going to show you what a day in my university life looks like.

This is Sean, an international student at Leeds Beckett Sean
A Day in the Life of a Tennis Player at Leeds Beckett, by Nate

Vlog | A Day in the Life of a Tennis Player at Leeds Beckett

Hi I'm Nate, an international, postgraduate student at Leeds Beckett. There are so many opportunities to play sport here and I love that I can continue playing tennis at university. In this vlog I’m going to show you what a day in my life looks like.

This is Nate, a postgraduate student at Leeds Beckett University Nate
How You Can Spend Your Time at Home to Prepare for University by Suyin

How you can spend your Time at Home to prepare for University

Hi, I’m Suyin. I am a final year international student at Leeds Beckett University. In this blog I have prepared some tips on how to make use of your time productively if you are about to start university in September.

Suyin Chia Suyin
Will - The study abroad application process tile

Applying to Study Abroad

The opportunity to study in a country and experience a new culture was too appealing to turn down.

Will Jeffries blog squad profile picture Will
Will - Accommodation in western Sydney tile

My Accommodation in Western Sydney

Messy? Poor flatmates? Faulty appliances? These are just some of the issues university accommodations often get associated with. For me it has been the opposite.

Will Jeffries blog squad profile picture Will
Leyla - International welcome week tips

Vlog | International Welcome Week Tips, by Leyla

Hi I'm Leyla and is this vlog I'll be giving you some tips on British customs and what to expect if you're moving to the UK for your studies

Leeds Beckett student, Leyla Rose Leyla
Vlog a tour of city campus by Abbie

Vlog | A Tour of City Campus

Hi, I'm Abbie and here's my tour of all of the main areas of city campus - check it out.

Abbie profile pic Abbie
My story and advice for mature students

My Story and Advice for Mature Students

Hi, I’m Kevin. I’m 29, from France and studying an undergraduate degree in Sport Business Management here at Leeds Beckett. Here's my story.

Kevin profile picture blog squad Kevin
Leeds International Festival Explained by Abbie

Leeds International Festival explained

Hi, I'm Abbie. I went along to the Leeds International Festival PR launch and here I'm going to talk about it.

Abbie profile pic Abbie
Studying in New York my experience so far by Elettra

Studying in New York: My Experience so far

Hi, I'm Elettra and I've been studying abroad in New York for 2 weeks now. Here's how I'm finding it so far!

Elettra profile pic Elettra
From France to Leeds my Erasmus experience by Manon

From France to Leeds: my Erasmus Experience

Hi, I’m Manon from France and I want to talk to you about my whole experience as an Erasmus student.

Manon profile pic blog squad Manon
My international exchange in New York by Elettra

My International Exchange in New York

Hi, my name is Elettra, and I want to share with you my excitement about my approaching departure to be an exchange student in the US.

Elettra profile pic Elettra
Looking back at semester one by Anagha

Looking back at Semester One

Hi, I'm Anagha and I'm reflecting on my first semester at Leeds Beckett. 

Anagha profile pic Anagha
My favourite places in Leeds by Hari

Vlog | My Favourite Places in Leeds

Hi, I'm Hari and here are my favourite places to spend time in Leeds.

Hari blog squad Hari
Vlog studying a PG course at Leeds Beckett

Vlog | Studying a PG Course at Leeds Beckett

Hi, I'm Shuchita. Here's my vlog about my experience of studying an MA in Landscape Architecture at Leeds Beckett.

Leeds Beckett Logo Shuchita
Considering studying a masters?

Considering a Masters

Hi, I'm Anagha. I wanted to talk a bit about my masters, and give some tips for success if you choose to study one.

Anagha profile pic Anagha
Settling in at Leeds Beckett by Isabelle

Settling in at Leeds Beckett

Hi I'm Isabelle, and I want to talk about how I've found my first few weeks at Leeds Beckett.

Isabelle profile pic Isabelle
My first week at Leeds Beckett by Anagha

My First Week at Leeds Beckett

Hi, I'm Anagha and I want to talk about how I settled into life at Leeds Beckett.

Anagha profile pic Anagha
Why I chose LBU for my erasmus by Katie

Why I chose LBU for my Erasmus

Hi, I'm Katie from Ireland and I want to talk about why I chose to do study abroad in Leeds, and why I'm glad I did it!

Gild with blonde hair wearing a grey top and black cardigan Katie
Studying music at Leeds Beckett by Hari

Studying a Music Course at Leeds Beckett

Hi I'm Hari, and here's my first vlog for Leeds Beckett, talking about my course - MA in Music for the moving image. 

Hari blog squad Hari
My Leeds Beckett experience by Jennah

Vlog | My Leeds Beckett Experience

Hi, I'm Jennah, I'm from the USA and this is my first vlog for Leeds Beckett.

Leeds Beckett Logo Jennah
Support for students at Leeds Beckett by Elettra

Vlog | Support for Students at Leeds Beckett

Hi I'm Elettra from Italy, and here's my first vlog for Leeds Beckett, talking about the support available for students. 

Elettra profile pic Elettra
My journey as an international student by Henna

My Journey as an International Student

Hi! My name is Henna, and I want to share my experience of being an International Student at Leeds Beckett University.

Leeds Beckett Logo Henna
Vera exchange in Leeds

My International Exchange in Leeds

Hi, I’m Vera, I’m from the Netherlands and I went on an International Exchange at Leeds Beckett University. Read my blog about the great time I had studying and living in Leeds.

Vera student blog squad Vera