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What I have loved about my Leeds Beckett experience

Hi, my name is Alex and I am a 2nd year Politics and International Relations student. In this blog I want to tell you about my time so far at LBU and how I have loved every minute of it.

student blogger, Alex Alex
Reasons why choosing Leeds Beckett was the best decision

Reasons why choosing Leeds Beckett was the best decision

Hi, I’m Chloe, a Performing Arts student at Leeds Beckett and in this blog I’m going to tell you all about my experience at university and why I love it here.

Chloe Kent Chloe
My first week commuting at Leeds Beckett

My first week commuting at Leeds Beckett

Hi, my name is Imaan and I have just completed my first year at Leeds Beckett. The main aim of my blog is to share my journey as a first-time university student and the different emotions I felt during the first week.

Imaan Imaan
Tips to prepare for university

Tips to prepare for university

Hi, I'm Albina, a final year student at Leeds Beckett and I'm going to provide you with some tips to get you ready for university. These are all things that I found useful before I started my first term at university.

Leeds Beckett Student  Albina
Being a 22 year old mature student at university

Being a 22-year-old Mature Student at University

Hey, I’m Leah and I’m a 22-year-old mature student in my second year at Leeds Beckett studying Event Management. This blog will highlight some of my amazing experiences at university despite being older.

Leyla - International welcome week tips

Vlog | International Welcome Week Tips, by Leyla

Hi I'm Leyla and is this vlog I'll be giving you some tips on British customs and what to expect if you're moving to the UK for your studies

Leeds Beckett student, Leyla Rose Leyla
The types of people you need to be friends with by Abbie

The Types of People you need to make Friends with at University

Hi, I'm Abbie and here's my list of people you're guaranteed to meet at university, and why you should be friends with them.

Abbie profile pic Abbie
Getting involved at Leeds Beckett by Ben

Getting involved at Leeds Beckett

Hi, I'm Ben and and I want to share a few ideas for how you get socially involved at Leeds Beckett.

Ben Thomas student ambassador Ben
Things you may be worried about before university by Amy

Things you may be worried about before University

If you are joining university shortly, and you're feeling a bit panicked - don't worry. Here's some things people usually worry about, and reasons why they shouldn't!

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Ideas for breaking the ice with your housemates by Em

Ideas for breaking the Ice with your Housemates

Hi, I'm Em and I want to talk to you about how to bond with your new housemates at university.

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Vlog Izzy's ideas for cheap days out in Leeds

Vlog | Ideas for Cheap Days Out

Hi, I'm Izzy and here's my first vlog, showing you an idea for a cheap day in Leeds - a picnic on the acre. 

Izzy blog squad profile pic Izzy
Societies at Leeds Beckett by Dorothy

Societies at Leeds Beckett

Hi there! My name is Dorothy Edgar and I’m here to tell you everything you need to know about the societies at Leeds Beckett.

Dorothy profile picture Dorothy
What to do if you're worried about making friends by Dorothy

What to do if you are worried about making Friends

Hi I’m Dorothy, and I’m going to provide my top tips for making new friends when you start uni!

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Vlog making friends at university

Vlog | Making Friends at University

Hi, I'm Matt and I want to share some tips for settling in and making friends for life at university.

Matt L profile picture blog squad Matt
A day in my life by Em

A Day in my Life, by Em

Hi, I’m Em and I want to give you an insight into what an average day is like for me, and how you can make the most out of being here. 

Emily T profile picture Emily T
Getting the most out of your halls experience by Ben

Getting the Best out of Halls

Hi, I'm Ben and here are my tips for making the most of your time in halls.

Ben Thomas student ambassador Ben
Societies and clubs by Keely

Societies and Clubs Series: Kayaking

Hi, I'm Keely and I want to talk about the kayaking club here at Leeds Beckett.

Keely profile ambassador Keely
My first week at Leeds Beckett by Anagha

My First Week at Leeds Beckett

Hi, I'm Anagha and I want to talk about how I settled into life at Leeds Beckett.

Anagha profile pic Anagha
Tips for your first week at university by Jenny

Tips for your First Week at University

Hi, I'm Jenny and I'm writing this to confirm a few things that you might want to know for your first week as a Fresher, and to give you some tips for your first lectures.

Jenny Rowbotham Digital Ambassador profile picture Jenny
Leeds Beckett friendship stories, by Becky

Leeds Beckett Friendship Stories

Hi, I'm Becky, and I have a collection of heart-warming friendship stories from our students here at Leeds Beckett.

Becky Owen blog profile picture Becky