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Using Student Discounts, by Caitlin

Using Student Discounts

Hi, I’m Caitlin and in this blog, I’m going to be sharing with you my top tips to make the most out of student discounts in Leeds. 

How to make your Student Loan last, by Savannah

How to make your Student Loan last

Hi, I’m Savannah and in this blog I’m going to talk about how I budget at university and my top tips for making your student loan last. 

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The importance of applying for student finance, by Chelsea

The Importance of Applying for Student Finance

Hi, I’m Chelsea and in this blog, I’m going to talk about the importance of applying for student finance. 

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How to live on a student budget, by Will

How to live on a Student Budget

Hi, I’m Will and in this blog, I’m going to be talking about how you can enjoy university life whilst on a student budget. I’ll be sharing with you my personal experiences and top tips that I have found useful during my time at university.

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How to budget as a Postgraduate Student, by Eleanor

How to budget as a Postgraduate Student

Hi, I’m Eleanor and I am in my first year studying MSc Dietetics. Within this blog, I am going to explain how I budget, and I’ll share tips on how to make your money stretch further during your studies.

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How to cook on a student budget in lockdown by Katie

Vlog | How to Cook on a Student Budget During Lockdown

Hi I'm Katie and in this vlog I'm going to show you how to make a low cost, student friendly meal with limited ingredients which I've enjoyed making whilst at home.

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How to travel on a student budget by Hannah

How to travel on a Student Budget

As a student it is easy to think that debt and loans prevent you from travelling. However the study abroad programme at Leeds Beckett enables students to travel and study at the same time in such a way that it may not cost as much as you think. There are also ways of saving money so that you can travel on a budget. Here are a few tips I have picked up as an exchange student.

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Vlog cooking a cheap healthy student meal by Izzy

Vlog | Cooking a Healthy Student Meal

Hi, I'm Izzy and I want to show you a quick and healthy stir fry recipe that's perfect for students!

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Vlog student discounts in Leeds by Izzy

Vlog | Student Discounts in Leeds

Hi, I'm Izzy. I'm talking about my favourite things to do in Leeds and what discounts you can get for being a student.

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Vlog cooking a student friendly meal by Katie Molly and Katie

Vlog | Cooking a Student-friendly Meal

Hi, We're Katie, Molly and Katie and in this vlog we cook a huge toad in the hole for four people for just five pounds!

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Make your student room homely for £10

Make your Student Room Homely for Ten Pounds

Hi, I'm Leyla. I’m here to give you ideas on how to make your uni room feel like a home.

Leeds Beckett student, Leyla Rose Leyla
Vlog healthy eating on a budget by Matt

Vlog | Healthy Eating on a Budget

Hi, I'm Matt and I want to share some tips for eating healthily at university while sticking to your budget.

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Vlog money saving tips

Vlog | Money Saving Tips, by Keely

Hi, I'm Keely and I want to share my best money saving ideas with you.

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Vlog feeding four people for five pounds

Vlog | Feeding Four People for Five Pounds

It's student vlog time! This one comes from Katie, Molly and Katie who are showing how to create a tasty meal for 4 people. for just £5.

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Vlog Izzy's ideas for cheap days out in Leeds

Vlog | Ideas for Cheap Days Out

Hi, I'm Izzy and here's my first vlog, showing you an idea for a cheap day in Leeds - a picnic on the acre. 

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How to save money by Ben

How to save Money

Hi, I'm Ben and I've got some tips on how to save your money as a student in Leeds.

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Money saving tips for students by Molly

Money Saving Tips for Students

Hi, I'm Molly and I want to give you some tips for saving money while you're a student here in Leeds.

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