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Shannon Perth

Shannon Mycock - Perth, Australia

"When I found out I was going on a study abroad year to Perth I could have never imagined that my first semester here would have been this much fun. Of course, it has come with a few lows, but this is by far, the best thing I have ever done!"

Victoria Law

Billy Earl - Victoria, Australia

"I've had some incredible experiences from being on exchange at Victoria University, including being able to explore a new country, making new friends, eating out lots and spending a lot of time at the beach."

study abroad student at the gold coast commonwealth games

Abigail Rochelle - Griffith, Australia

"This definitely was an experience I'd not trade for anything and I'd go back and do it all over again in a heartbeat!"


Teresa Coultate - Victoria, Australia

"Upon arriving in Australia, my first and most obvious concern was fitting into life at a new university, making friends and immersing myself into a new and exciting culture."

Ocean Road

Esme McKee - Melbourne, Australia

"I feel from this experience I will be much better equipped to go into any job, knowing that I can adapt easily to other people and other places."

Abi Study Abroad

Abigail Mcgarry - Melbourne, Australia

"Studying abroad has opened opportunities that I’d have never got on my own and I can’t thank Leeds Beckett enough."