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Liam Musgrave - Volunteering in Costa Rica

"Looking back on my time in Costa Rica, I would highly recommend it to anyone of any background or experience as you may be surprised by how much it can benefit your studies as well as motivate you as a person."


Shanice Mulla - Volunteering in Fiji

"Happiness can come from the simplest of things and I learnt to embrace whatever life throws at you. Volunteering in Fiji gave me an unforgettable experience and I developed and learnt lots of new skills which will be beneficial to me in life and in my employability."

Victoria Hall Abroad

Victoria Hall - Volunteering in India

"If I had any advice for future volunteers, it would be to stay opened minded, have the enthusiasm to study and live in their culture and don't expect too little nor too much. Have no expectations as you don't know what experience you will return with! One thing is for sure - it will be a life-changing one."


Victoria Greenhalgh - Volunteering in Fiji

"I’m sure everyone would agree to say that the three weeks you spend teaching the children will be the most rewarding weeks of your life."

Isaac Haines Volunteering

Isaac Haines - Volunteering in Costa Rica

"A very important skill throughout my time in Costa Rica was communication, and doing all of these jobs and marketing tasks allowed me plenty of time to communicate to my peers and to the public."

Shannon Perth

Shannon Mycock - Perth, Australia

"When I found out I was going on a study abroad year to Perth I could have never imagined that my first semester here would have been this much fun. Of course, it has come with a few lows, but this is by far, the best thing I have ever done!"

Victoria Law

Billy Earl - Victoria, Australia

"I've had some incredible experiences from being on exchange at Victoria University, including being able to explore a new country, making new friends, eating out lots and spending a lot of time at the beach."


Teresa Coultate - Victoria, Australia

"Upon arriving in Australia, my first and most obvious concern was fitting into life at a new university, making friends and immersing myself into a new and exciting culture."

Ocean Road

Esme McKee - Melbourne, Australia

"I feel from this experience I will be much better equipped to go into any job, knowing that I can adapt easily to other people and other places."

Lyon Lake

Eleanor Burford - Lyon, France

"...I feel Eramus+ is a great opportunity handed to students, and one which should be relished!"

Abi Study Abroad

Abigail Mcgarry - Melbourne, Australia

"Studying abroad has opened opportunities that I’d have never got on my own and I can’t thank Leeds Beckett enough."