We have a winner! Meet Mari, winner of the Big Bike Giveaway

As a bonus to our bike hire offer, we gave the opportunity to Leeds Beckett students to win a bike for free. Promoting on our social media and both fresher's fairs,we have had phenomenal response. The bike in question is a brand-new Bobbin bike. Mari told us how it felt to be the winner.

1. Brian: Hello Mari, could you please introduce yourself.

Mari: My name is Mari. I'm 25, from Norway and I study a Masters in Clinical Nutrition.

2. Brian: How happy are you to win the Big Bike Giveaway, to be the lucky winner?!

Mari: I think it's really cool to win this bike and I'm really looking forward to use it. (laughs)

3. Brian: Do you have any trips planned on your bicycle?

Mari: Actually, I don't have any plans yet but I think I will mostly use to ride from school to home and in the city in general.

We wish her all the best with her new bike!

P.S: If you would like a bicycle for an affordable price, you can get a bicycle for £35 until christmas, or £50 for the whole academic year.

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