Power Week 2017

Green Impact scheme has seen quite a bit of developments lately. Back in November last year, teams in the running for the toolkit submission were busy with work. Then came Power Week which served as a standing point to get teams motivated to accomplish their objectives of being more sustainable.
Power Week 2017
During Power Week, I (Brian) got the chance to meet staff and help them in their submission. Points were given to them, not only for the amount of actions they had completed in the toolkit but also how many team members got involved and engaged that week.

It was CARES (Campus and Residential Services) Headingley who were the clear winner. They showed a fantastic display of teamwork and were very enthusiastic about minimising their waste and avoid actions that would make them inefficient.

CARES Headingley have left IT services and Grounds Maintenance team far behind. They have earned a astounding 74 points, with the two next collecting only 50 and 38 points respectively.

It was just that we reward them for their efforts. Accordingly, we paid them a visit and shared some well-earned goodies.

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