Its National Clean Air Day on the 21st June

Leeds is one of six cities in the UK that will not be compliant with EU nitrogen dioxide targets by 2020 unless action is taken. Leeds City Council are proposing the introduction of a clean air zone but there are things everyone can do to make a difference.
Air quality related deaths are now the 3rd largest killer in the UK after cardio vascular disease and cancer.The costs to society of air pollution are on a par with those from smoking and obesity according to the Parliamentary Environmental Audit Committee1.

What is the University doing?

  • Promoting sustainable transport through our transport strategy and implementing travel plan initiatives such as the Bike Hub/Bike Fix workshops, secure cycle parking and showers, discounted public transport tickets and an online car sharing scheme.
  • Reducing the number of car trips between campuses for business by running the staff shuttle bus.
  • Introducing electric vehicles to the fleet and installing electric vehicle charging points.

What can you do on Clean Air Day?

  • Leave your car at home and cycle or walk to University.
    Those who travel by car can experience five times higher pollution levels than those who cycle, and three and a half times more than those walking to work (Study by Healthy Air Campaign, Kings College London and Camden Council)2
  • If it’s too far to cycle or walk consider car sharing or using the park and ride.
  • If you need to drive, switch your engine off whenever you can - an idling engine can produce up to twice as many exhaust emissions as an engine in motion. 
  • Walk your children to school – the impact of air pollution can be far greater on children, as their lungs and brains are still developing.
  • Pledge to collect your parcels from a local shop or locker instead of getting them delivered


Pledge do one of these on the 21st June and share what you are doing on social media with the #CleanAirBeckett



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23 Oct 2020
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