Staff business travel by bike

Shout-out to all staff: spring is here and you can still borrow our bikes to commute between campuses. Our aim is to, of course, reduce single-car occupancy travel. Having the shuttle bus has helped a lot in tackling this issue but now things are getting greener.

Option 1 - Pool bikes

Pool bikes is one option if you need to commute from City Campus to Headingley Campus and vice versa. They're Brompton Folder foldable bikes - one in City Campus and one in Headingley Campus at both Student Hubs. To book
Brompton Bike

Option 2 - Electric bike

Another option for you is to borrow the Electric bike. We have had great feedback from it since we introduced it last August. Simply book it and collect the keys with the Sustainability Team based in Queen Square House down in City Campus. The electric battery makes life so much easier. Read Russell's (a regular user) article about how he loves using the electric bike. 
Electric bike looking over The Acre and James Graham

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By Sustainability Team
21 Sep 2018
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