Highlights from the Food Waste documentary, Just Eat It

This month on the 14th June, we invited the general public to watch a not-enough-talked-about film documentary called Just Eat It (not to be confused with this monstrosity). 

Rob Greenland from Zero Waste attended and left the following quote on a Facebook post.

"It's a fascinating subject - particularly when you think things through at all stages of the food chain - from waste at production and harvest, right through to food that we buy in the shops, store in the fridge for a bit, and then end up throwing in the bin."
Some of the things we learnt from Just Eat It:
1. So much food (more than we thought) bought end up in the bin!
2. Supermarket's requirements for well-shaped vegetables are very strict hence leading to a lot of rejections at the production stage.
3. We've said too much. Just Watch It!

Just Eat It is free to watch on Amazon Prime

Watch the trailer:

Photo of screening 1
Photo of screening 2