Vegan Offerings Expanding @ LBU

In previous years, our SU bars have developed their menus to meet vegans/ vegetarians needs by offering vegan sausages, breakfasts, vegan chilli or even paninis. These have clearly been popular, driving our catering team to add more vegan options to their menus; with a main addition to the hospitality menu.

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I met with Melissa, a research and development chef here at the university, to talk about this new menu, and what other vegan offerings are coming to LBU. 

The decision to introduce a new vegan menu emerged from interest by staff as well as students. The number of students and staff converting to a vegan diet has grown rapidly, especially after the success of this years Veganuary (168,000 participants). Staff were also invited to try out the new menu last week and comments were highly positive.

The hospitality menu now includes great tasting vegan options, like filled croissants or sausage sandwiches for breakfast. The main menu offers pizza, falafel skewers, savoury bite size nibbles and a hot buffet; offering a tofu and vegetable curry for example. Check out the full menu here
Filled Croissants - Vegan


Coming soon to our Headingley campus, a new vegan salad bar is being introduced into the campus shop. And across both campuses a loaded fries station will be introduced into the food courts, where your fries can be stacked high with vegan chilli for example, as well as other non vegan options. Featured at the city campus will be a wrap bar, showcasing vegan and non vegan options. There's something for everybody!
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