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Gavin Booth with repaired canoes

A case study - Carnegie Great Outdoors: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Gavin Booth from Carnegie Great Outdoors (CGO) talks to Beckett Sustainability about how they have worked to reduce their environmental impact as a service.
Our Green Impact scheme can help your team do the same, get in touch with us for details


Student Sustainability Conference Meet the Presenters: Hannah Temme

To open the conference, this presentation will consider the mental health of the world’s population, as people awaken to the reality of our future prospects, created by the climate collapse, the greatest threat to life humanity has ever seen.


Student Sustainability Conference Meet the Presenters: Suyin Chia

This blog series will introduce the presenters for the upcoming Leeds Beckett Student Sustainability Conference. You can find more details and tickets for the conference here 


Student Sustainability Conference Meet the Presenters: Rachael Roberts

This blog series will introduce the presenters for the upcoming Leeds Beckett Student Sustainability Conference. You can find more details and tickets for the conference here 


Student Sustainability Conference Meet the Presenters: Leah Earnshaw

This blog series will introduce the presenters for the upcoming Leeds Beckett Student Sustainability Conference. You can find more details and tickets for the conference here 


Student Sustainability Conference Meet the Presenters: Kathrin Kloeti

This blog series will introduce all presenters for the upcoming Leeds Beckett Student Sustainability Conference. You can find more details and tickets for the conference here 


Student Sustainability Conference Meet the Presenters: Dominic Browning

This blog series will introduce the presenters for the upcoming Leeds Beckett Student Sustainability Conference. You can find more details and tickets for the conference here 


Student Sustainability Conference Meet the Presenters : Jayne Cunningham

This blog series will introduce the presenters for the upcoming Leeds Beckett Student Sustainability Conference. You can find more details and tickets for the conference here.

Green Impact Logo

Green Impact 2019 Launch

Join Green Impact 2019!

Try Veganuary This January

Veganuary 2019

Are you joining Veganuary this year? 


Sustainable New Years Resolutions

There are so many ways you can change your habits to improve your sustainable efforts in the new year, even if its something small, its probably having a larger impact than you think. 

Ethical Gift Purchasing Banner

Ethical Gift Purchasing

To Gift or Not To Gift?

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Easy Swtiches: How to go Plastic Free

Since the debut of the BBC's Blue Planet and Drowning in Plastic, many people have pledged to go plastic free, or reduce their consumption. 


How to Make a Semester Less Wasteful

Here are some top tips to reduce the waste you produce in a term

Electronics recycle bin

The Digital Ways to Become More Sustainable

This week, we've collaborated with IT Services to share ways you can be greener at university.

Jason Colbeck on a Bike in front of Rose Bowl

Sustainable Travel @ LBU

 How to travel sustainably at Leeds Beckett University

Photo of Fruit

Vegan Offerings Expanding @ LBU

In previous years, our SU bars have developed their menus to meet vegans/ vegetarians needs by offering vegan sausages, breakfasts, vegan chilli or even paninis. These have clearly been popular, driving our catering team to add more vegan options to their menus; with a main addition to the hospitality menu.


How to be sustainable student?

With over 70,000 residing in Leeds, students can form up to 10% of the city's population during term-time. This constitutes a significant percentage of people who can influence the trends and habits of a city.


Green Impact so far

Green Impact so far, has been going on very well. We have managed to gather a lot of interest from staff and managed to triple the amount of teams we had.

Image of Peter Slee

Shuttle bus VC Peter Slee sings its praises

Our Vice-Chancellor is a regular user of the staff shuttle bus. Having seen him a couple of times onboard we have asked him to write about his experience using it. Here is what he says. 

Plastic pollution on beach

Plastic Free July - What? Why? How?

This special month, we focus on how we can reduce plastic in our lives. This revolutionary material has allowed us to consume goods (phones, chairs, TVs, amongst many others) at a cheaper price due to its cheap cost and lightweight. However, we have only recently discovered the scale of the negative impacts it has land and in seas. Reducing our footprint is vital to sustain the long-term wildlife of the earth. 


Reuse through Warpit An update

For almost six months now, our university's Sustainability Team has been using the warpit reuse network. 

Picture of cliffs and a beach

Tips for Sustainable Holidays

Ah summer! Skies are blue. Wildflowers everywhere you look. Trips to the beach. Barbecues. Late nights. You name it!  But for many summer equals to holidays. With alarming signs of plastics in the ocean, tourism damaging cultures and travellers producing litter, we should be more conscious of our environmental impact. But don't panic, these simple tips will help you make your holidays more sustainable. 


Clean air day at Leeds Beckett University

21st June was National Clean Air Day. The growing event is a special day when people make a pledge to improve the air quality. Across the UK, many positive actions were taken to encourage taking steps towards making air cleaner.


Highlights from the Food Waste documentary, Just Eat It

This month on the 14th June, we invited the general public to watch a not-enough-talked-about film documentary called Just Eat It (not to be confused with this monstrosity). 

Beat Plastic Pollution, World Environment Day, UN environment

5th June - World Environment Day

Today is Tuesday 5th June and it is World Environment Day! This year, the focus is on plastic pollution. Many of us have seen the Planet Earth 2 which exposed that particular issue to the general public. Thanks to the great Sir David Attenborough's documentary series attracting millions of viewers across the UK and the world, this allowed the highlighting of the issue.

Deb Chapman by the canal

Stepping out with CLT Centre for Learning and Teaching Step Challenge 2018

"It certainly pays off. After a recent bone density scan earlier this year I was told that I had excellent bones and I was better than 95% of people my age (58). All those years of walking have paid off."

Leeds Beckett Logo Deb Chapman

Its National Clean Air Day on the 21st June

Leeds is one of six cities in the UK that will not be compliant with EU nitrogen dioxide targets by 2020 unless action is taken. Leeds City Council are proposing the introduction of a clean air zone but there are things everyone can do to make a difference.


Spring Clean Week (4th - 8th June)

Between the 4th to 8th June, we will be having the first official Spring Clean Week in our university. The idea did spring out after presenting some of the new changes in the new toolkit at the Green Impact relaunch. 


Staff business travel by bike

Shout-out to all staff: spring is here and you can still borrow our bikes to commute between campuses. Our aim is to, of course, reduce single-car occupancy travel. Having the shuttle bus has helped a lot in tackling this issue but now things are getting greener.


Green Impact relaunch

Over the past two days (18th & 19th April), we (Sustainability Team) hosted the Green Impact Relaunch event, at City and Headingley respectively. We had a slightly different programme on both days but the turnout was impressive.

Screenshots from the green impact 2017 report

Green Impact 2017 report - Leeds Beckett University

We have just received our Green Impact 2017 report. It highlights the engagement of teams who have made positive changes in their workplace.

Katie Langford holding green impact certificate

Environmental Hero 2017: Q&A with Katie Langford

Katie is the IT Communication Business Support Officer in IT Services. She moved to Leeds in 2014 with her partner so he could attend Leeds Beckett as a Game Design student. She joined the University around the same time and enjoyed the culture and community so much she pursued a Master’s in Media which she was awarded this year. Katie loves all forms of media, playing video games, reading books and going to the movies. She is originally from Cape Cod, Massachusetts but has fallen in love with Yorkshire and Leeds and feels like a real Northerner.


Student Travel Survey results

Back in March, we undertook a university-wide travel survey targeting staff and students. 


Staff Travel Survey results

Back in March, we undertook a university-wide travel survey targeting staff and students. 


Bird Watch Walk

As a nice end to the Easter week before Good Friday, we held a Bird Watch Walk co-organised with colleagues from Grounds Maintenance Team. Held in the woods surrounding Headingley Campus and Beckett Park, we kicked off just after noon. Armed with some RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch sheets, some crayons and motivation, we were very excited.

The chart shows the proportion of students using each of the two shuttle services. A much larger proportion of students are using the Kirkstall Brewery service.

Student Shuttle bus survey results

The chart below shows the proportion of students using each of the two shuttle services. A much larger proportion of students are using the Kirkstall Brewery service.

Travel Options Week

Travel Options Week

Travel Options Week was a real success and staff and students from different areas of the university came along. Several actors of the transport sector had stalls to talk about and promote their travel services. We hope that you have enjoyed it and that it has inspired you to think about your commute and about how you can make it more efficient.

Green Impact Awards dinner

Green Impact Awards dinner

As a great end to the Green Impact season 2016-2017, we held an Awards dinner. The location was a fantastic event venue called Aspire, in Leeds City Centre.


First claim on Warpit Reuse Network! Woohoo!

This Wednesday, we have reached a milestone in our recycling history. As many of you know, we have rolled Warpit for a few weeks now and we are still in the process of getting people to add items and then claim them.


Leeds Beckett commuter stories

We have had a good number of people sending us their commute. The series is about making people aware about how other people commute and we hope to inspire you to change your commuting habits.

Post it notes

Environmental Auditor Training Day (by Mia Campbell, Computer Animation and Visual Effects student)

I am a student currently on placement year situated between both campuses. I heard Green Impact being mentioned by my colleagues and I took an interest to find out what this ‘green’ scheme was. I came across the advertisement to become a volunteer student auditor, which sounded really beneficial to both the scheme and my own personal interests, so I applied.

Leeds Beckett Logo Mia Campbell

Energy savings made over the Christmas period

We have taken the initiative this year to reduce the energy consumption at our university. Having been closed over 10 days between the 23rd December and the 2nd January 2018, we had a fantastic opportunity to act and start a campaign in our university community.

Joseph Richardson

Environmental Audit Training Day (by Joseph Richardson, Landscape Architecture student)

This was an opportunity for any student at Leeds Beckett to be trained to assess how environmentally sustainable various departments on Leeds Beckett campuses are.

Joseph Richardson Joseph Richardson

Statistics from the staff shuttle bus survey

Here are some results from the staff shuttle bus survey which took place between December 2017 and January 2018. Thank you to all staff that provided their feedback and comments.

Send us your commute - methods of transport used

Send us your commute

We are looking for the contribution of staff and students with photos of your commute to university.

Power Week 2017

Power Week 2017

Green Impact scheme has seen quite a bit of developments lately. Back in November last year, teams in the running for the toolkit submission were busy with work. Then came Power Week which served as a standing point to get teams motivated to accomplish their objectives of being more sustainable.


Oven-baked Pain perdu

You may have excess hard bread in your kitchen that you don't want to throw away. Well brace yourself. What if I told you that you can turn these into a delicious and filling breakfast? Yes, this is the recipe sent by a Leeds Beckett Sustainability fan who tried out for himself.

Bike fix will re-open 9 January

Bike Fix and Bike Hub closing for holidays

Please note that the Bike Fix and Bike Hub will be open until the 19th and the 20th December. Both will be reopening on the 9th January.

Plastic in the ocean

Impact of plastic in our oceans

This year has been a real eye-opener - the scale at which plastic in oceans is spreading is alarming. Every year, nearly 8 million tonnes of plastic end up in the ocean, the equivalent of a garbage truck full of plastic every minute.


Happy Winter Biking

I'm thinking this winter could be a tough one. It has already been cold, wet, windy, icy and snowy and it it is still only early December. At the risk of teaching people to suck eggs, there are a few things you can do to make the experience of cycling through the middle of winter as pleasant as possible.

Movember Guide

Movember - Estates Services supporting the cause

Glyn, Tarik, and Dane from Leeds Beckett Estates Services, have joined forces to raise money for Movember.

Green Santa

Tips for a SUSTAINABLE Christmas

With Christmas coming very soon, you will soon be extremely busy. From thinking what gifts to get, for whom,to looking for the best deals, to buying and wrapping presents, setting up the Christmas tree, and lots of Christmas celebrations with friends and family.


We have a winner! Meet Mari, winner of the Big Bike Giveaway

As a bonus to our bike hire offer, we gave the opportunity to Leeds Beckett students to win a bike for free. Promoting on our social media and both fresher's fairs,we have had phenomenal response. The bike in question is a brand-new Bobbin bike. Mari told us how it felt to be the winner.

Volunteer as a student environmental auditor

Volunteer as a Student Environmental Auditor

Want to do something relevant to the Environment or Auditing or simply do something completely new? Come and volunteer as ENVIRONMENTAL AUDITOR.

Did you knoew? 100% of our electricity comes from renewable sources

Renewables! 100% of our electricity is renewable

We have the pleasure to announce that we source our electricity entirely from renewable sources for the year ending July 2017.

Russell Brewood

Pool Electric Bike series: Russell

Russell gives us his thoughts on using a pool electric bike

Matthew Algie Coffee

Leeds Beckett switches to triple-certified coffee supplier

The 153-year-old Glasgow-based company has become the new coffee supplier of our university.


Bike Hire scheme students: Mark

Find out more about Mark's bike hire journey

Leeds Beckett Logo Mark

Bike Hire Scheme students: Nikita

Nikita (MSc Psychology of Sport & Exercise) tells us more about her year renting a bike from the Bike Hub and how much she enjoyed it.

Leeds Beckett Logo Nikita (MSc Psychology of Sport & Exercise)

Living Car(e) Free

My wife and I live in the south end of Holbeck, and have done so ever since we got married a little over 2 years ago. Quite a few of our family and friends had warned us against staying in this part of Leeds due to the high crime rates but we figured it would be worth the risk while we save up for a house of our own. Our little flat was relatively close to town and about a 30-minute bus ride for me to get to work.

Leeds Beckett Logo Tarik Jacob
Chris Kirkpatrick

The Chris Kirkpatrick memorial ride

A group of Leeds Beckett Staff are going to ride the Way of the Roses from Morecambe to Bridlington over three days in July.

Love to Ride graphic

Cycle to University and win prizes

The Sustainability team are always looking at new ways of getting more of Leeds Beckett students riding bikes, as well as ways of rewarding those that already do.

Leeds Beckett Sustainability Team

Placement life: Esme

My role as a Student Placement within the Sustainability team at Leeds Beckett started back in September. As my first ‘grown up job’ I was apprehensive but excited to throw myself into a new challenge.

The Big Bike Giveaway

The Big Bike Giveaway

The nice people from the Sustainability team at Leeds Beckett are giving away a bike to one of our students.